Happy In The Hospital

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Husband has glue ear that he never outgrew. So we thought it likely that one, or both, of our children would have similar issues with their hearing. Moozles has had glue ear on-and-off for the past two years, since she was four. She had her adenoids out on Thursday. They also put grommets in both of ears.

Moozles was so scared to go to the hospital. She rarely goes to the doctor, apart from her various ear/hearing appointments. But within 45 minutes of waking up from the operation, she was smiling and eating a biscuit. So much worry for nothing. Such an ordinary moment that made me feel so happy.

My clever, sweet little girl. Who often doesn’t hear in class, but still manages to do so well. Maybe now she will raise her hand up when the teacher asks a question. Maybe now she will brush her teeth and get ready for bed when I ask. I am not too hopeful for the latter.


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17 thoughts on “Happy In The Hospital

  1. Aw glad it all went well, and what a brave girl, hospitals can be so daunting at their age. I cannot believe you call her Moozels- I am quite taken aback because the nickname we have for my daughter Mads is Moozels- we don’t use it on my blog but she has had it since she was tiny! I have never heard of another one! x

  2. What a brave girl! Glad she recovered well from her operation – sadly I’m not holding out hope for you on the tooth-brushing front! #TheOrdinaryMoments

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