I Hate Ironing. That. Is. All.

i hate ironing

I’m a Stay-At-Home-Mum, not a housewife. Yes, I keep the house semi-tidy and kinda clean. But my role is to take care of my two children. And I certainly don’t iron. You know how you tell your kids not to use the word ‘hate’? Well, I hate ironing. I really do. So much in fact that I haven’t used the iron in over four years. I just fold all our laundry and hope most of the wrinkles fall out.

But Husband is a solicitor and has to wear suits and nicely ironed shirts to work. So, for about 12 1/2 years now, since Husband began his job, he has taken his shirts to be washed and ironed at a local dry cleaners. So when the lovely people at Laundrapp asked me to try out their laundry collection/delivery app, I was intrigued.

After I downloaded the app to my iPhone, I booked a collection from Husband’s work in Putney (he cycles to and from work so he mainly keeps his suits and shirts at his office). You can choose a wide range of services, from washing and folding laundry and regular dry cleaning. Laundrapp also offer special offers. I chose the High Five, which is five shirts being washed and ironed, and being delivered on hangers. We were both quite pleased at the price, £8, as this normally costs Husband £9.90 from his local dry cleaners.

I booked the collection (two High Fives) for the same day, and was given a choice of an one-hour window for the pickup. The app then gave me the choice of a one-hour window in which to expect the delivery, two days later. Husband loved not having to take his shirts into the dry cleaners. And he is planning to download the Laundrapp as it was such a convenient and reasonably-priced option to the dry-cleaner he normally uses.

I hate ironing I hate ironing







There is no fee for delivery or collection using Laundrapp. And the services are available seven days a week. You can pay via the app, and the app also allows you check on how your order is progressing.

I hate ironing

Laundrapp is available in London and Edinburgh. If you hate ironing, or laundry in general, it’s definitely worth a try. And if you use the code NRDWXF when you sign up, you will get £10 off your first order.




9 thoughts on “I Hate Ironing. That. Is. All.

  1. I like ironing, but since I have so many other house-related things to do, i just stopped ironing most clothes – I only iron the ones that really need it and also my husband shirts (even this ones are being left unironed and he never noticed haha). I have my tricks to keep laundry nice without ironing, like folding then right after the drying finishes or hanging certain clothes carefully without much spinning (more wet, the less wrinkles). We only use the dry cleaners for heavy items that can’t be washed at our washing machine, like winter coats or suits – luckly we have a dry cleaner just a few meters from home, otherwise a collection/delivery service would be of so much use (the other place we lived in london was a pain to find a dry cleaner).

  2. Until recently I had someone come in and do my ironing and she has worked for me for years ( as I too detest ironing) but finances have meant that I had to let her go…took me ages to work out how to get the ironing board up and I can just about fill the iron with water & turn it on… 😉 Oh how I wish I lived in London…that sounds like such a great useful app.

  3. Sounds like a good idea! I won’t iron either I actuakky refuse to. I will only get my hardly used iron out for any interviews and well that’s very ha!!

  4. Oh to live in London and be able to use a service like that! I detest ironing and refuse to do it unless absolutely necessary. I tend to hand everything up as soon as the cycle is done so that any creases drop out, the ones that remain I just ignore.

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