Healthy Living Progress, Week 1

It has been one week since I started healthy living. I’ve walked the school run at least once a day (total of 40 minutes of walking, whilst pushing a buggy). I’ve reduced carbs and dairy and mostly cut out sugar. I also haven’t had a drop of booze since the 31st December 2013. I did have a Cadbury Creme Egg last week when I got my period, but I’m only human.

Yesterday I returned to the world of Pilates, though Husband calls it ‘stretching’. I began a weekly Pilates Reformer course. All the muscles in my legs and arms are aching today, so I know it’s working. Considering I spent the last five months of 2013 recovering from my broken toe, I have been ridiculously active this past week. But it feels good to be helping myself towards a healthier lifestyle.

The toughest part of my new healthy lifestyle is not having chocolate, cake or biscuits every day. I miss having a yummy Digestive biscuit with a cup of tea in the afternoon, not to mention a nice pudding after dinner. But I think my chocolate/sugar addiction was contributing to problems getting to sleep, which was leading to being tired and needing sugar to pick myself up during the day. I have been sleeping much better this week so I know it’s working, which is helping me fight off the cravings.

Have you made any resolutions for 2014? How is it going? Have you had any stumbles? 


14 thoughts on “Healthy Living Progress, Week 1

  1. Good for you! Pilates – stretching, tsk, Pilates is so not just stretching, get him to do a class and see how his muscles feel the next day! I would LOVE you to come and link this post up with this week’s #AllAboutYou Link&Pin Party over on my blog – won’t leave a link as don’t want to spam you, but you’ll find it on the home page.

  2. Thanks so much for linking up to #AllAboutYou and wishing you good luck with your healthy living plans – don’t worry about the odd naughty day, it can be like the 5:2 diet – only you could do just 2 naughty treats out of 7 days! Pilates is amazing, and so taxing – like yoga, and after 10 years of gentle prodding my husband is finally going to classes and appreciating how full on it is!

  3. That is so brilliant that you are doing so well. Like you I adore biscuits, cookies of all varieties. I get a terrible craving at 3pm and try to distract myself from grabbing the biscuit tin. I also have chocolate left over from Christmas but when that’s finished I swear I will go healthy….maybe! Popping over from AllAboutYou Link & Pin Party

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