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Hello YellowIt is officially spring, isn’t it? The past week has seen many of us ladies putting away our winter coats and dusting off the ballet flats. My ankles have had so much sun, and it has been glorious. With the wardrobe changes, there comes a change in the colours that I have been wearing. I’ve ditched the burgundy and replaced it with yellow. Oh wonderful yellow. It is one of my favourite colours. Although I wear it in the winter with dark greys, I love being able to wear it in the spring.

I bought this yellow knit recently from New Look. It is soft and comfy. And I love the half-sleeve. I don’t like wearing vests or short-sleeves without a cardi, so am always on the lookout for tops with half and three-quarter sleeves. I’ve teamed it with a white vest/tank top for added warmth in the Spring (so that I can get away without wearing a jacket).

And this is the first time I’ve worn a skirt without tights in ages. I bought this denim skirt over a year ago from Sainsburys in the sale. It did not fit at first (I didn’t try it on), and it fit quite tightly this winter. But after losing a stone, it now fits really well.

I threw on my favourite copper ballet flats from Clarks (which I bought about 6-7 years ago), and a newish double necklace from ASOS. I stopped wearing necklaces when my daughter was a baby as she kept ripping them off my neck. Six years later, both of my children are not so wild, so I am able to accessorise again.

How has your wardrobe changing now that the weather has gotten nicer? What are your go-to Spring colours?

Hello Yellow Hello Yellow Hello Yellow

This week I’m linking up to Street Style Mom from Reasons to Dress and Street Style Sunday from Style Me Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Hello Yellow

  1. I love this yellow knit top! I too love a good yellow in the deepest days of winter – but I also break mine out for spring too! #reasonstodress

  2. I read this post way back on Tuesday right after you linked up but I didn’t have enough time to comment….however, IT MADE ME SO HAPPY. you are so pretty and I love this casual weekend style that you have going on. Thank you so much for joining the #reasonstodress linkup and feel free to join anytime.

    Now onto your style….. I love the half sleeve knit for spring because it is a little heavier than a standard t-shirt and you’ve just given me some great inspiration. I also stopped wearing necklaces when my son was a baby and just recently started to incorporate them into my daily looks. Besides, when you are in a rush a necklace can really add some style to a simple look.

    Angie from reasons to dress, fashion, travel and life as a mom in Italy.

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