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Regular readers will know that we underwent home renovations last autumn/winter. Now that the work is mostly done, and I’ve bought 90% of the furniture needed, I can now think about accessories. Last month, I was invited to an interiors event hosted by the lovely folks from Amara. And I was beyond excited to get some styling tips from the pros so that I could update my home. So of course I had to share my new found knowledge with you (as well as show you how I’ve styled a few products from Amara).

Our day began with a talk and Q&A with Sam Hood. Sam co-founded Amara with her husband Andrew in 2005. While it began as an interior design business, Amara then added a shop filled with amazing home accessories before becoming an online marketplace for amazing interiors. Amara now offers a wide array of beautiful pieces on their site, from home accessories to furniture to clothing. And they even offer design inspiration on their site for amateurs such as myself.

Then Elle Taylor, the senior stylist from Amara, showed us some ways to organise and style our shelves. I tend to just stick things on a shelf or cabinet, but there are so many ways to add texture and depth and made your home look like it was styled by an expert. The rule of odds is one way. Group items (from vases to prints) in an odd number. I realised that one of the issues I’ve had with my living room artwork is that there is a grouping of six. I think one more item would make it perfect.

This amber vase is one of my Amara gifts. I think if you have pretty vases then you don’t need to spend a fortune on flowers. And this vase is such a statement piece, you don’t even need flowers. It would look lovely grouped together with other vases. We got shutters installed in our home in February. I still had the curtains up in the living room as I wasn’t sure if we should keep them. Sam kindly noted that we had to choose between curtains and shutters. So we took down the curtains, and it has made the room look even brighter. Thanks Sam!

My bedside table was looking a bit boring, so my new Tota glass jar has added a bit of elegance to it. This forest green jar really works with my green-ish bedroom. The only problem is, ever since I realised that the jar was treated with lacquer (so it can be used to hold food), I keep imagining filling it with Skittles or Smarties. Not very dignified, but oh so delicious.

And last but not least, I have added some quirky-cool attitude to my doorway. The doormat is one of the first things that people notice when they come into your home, and a leopard doormat is full of animal attraction. We still need to do the flooring downstairs and get a new front door, but for now the doormat has added some much needed flair.

I think I have learned quite a bit from Amara. I am being more thoughtful as I group items and decorate my house. Another great tip is waiting to buy your accessories. Some of us get so excited when we move into a new home or renovate and you buy loads of cushions and bits. But it is best to wait until you paint and have furniture as your colour schemes and style may change. I am now thinking of my colour palette and ways to make my house stylish but still functional. I can’t wait to use more of the tips as I continue updating my home. If you want more inspiration, have a look at A Baby on board and The Joy of Five for their favourite tips from the day.

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