I Scream for Ice Cream, at Harrods

Let me first explain that I am not fancy. We are not a fancy family. We are not posh. We don’t live a high-flying life. But yesterday we went to Harrods for a bit of shopping and a lot of ice cream. I can hear you say, ‘oooh, get you’. 


Husband often receives a few gifts from clients at Christmastime, but he usually gets booze. This year he also received a gift card to HarrodsSo we took the kids and let them explore the toy floor. Besides loads of toys, they have giant stuffed animals and cool Lego statues. Moozles got to pick out one toy (a Princess walkie-talkie). 

Then we went to the Ice Cream Parlour. It was such a treat. We wouldn’t normally spend £30 on just ice cream. At Christmas and birthdays, I normally ask for practical (but fun) things for the kids. Next time I’ll ask for a gift certificate for a fancy department store and we can have a day out. Or maybe someone will give us a big enough gift certificate that we can buy the £30k toy car that Dubz had his eye on (bottom pic). Oooh, get us.


9 thoughts on “I Scream for Ice Cream, at Harrods

  1. Harrods is actually a joy to visit with the toy floor, the Disney shop and now I must take the kids back for ice cream! Lovely London day out 🙂

  2. I have lived in London my whole life and never visited Harrods, might have to go there just for ice-cream!

  3. How cool! I remember the ex-head of Harrods’ fashion being told by her son “mummy, maybe one day you’ll be promoted to head of toys, then you’ll be really important!” I think visiting Harrods is a great rainy day activity! Thanks for linking up to #OurLondon, great post!

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