Ice-skating, Dinosaurs & New Winter Coats

One of the best things about Christmas is the festive days out. Everywhere you go, there are twinkly nights, big Christmas trees and general sparkliness. The week before Christmas, we went to the ice rink at the Natural History Museum for some of those holiday sparkles. If you’ve ever been to London, then no doubt that you’ve visited the Natural History Museum. It is iconic. Besides the great exhibitions, it is just the most beautiful building. So you can imagine that an ice rink next to it feels incredibly London-y (for the purpose of this post, we are pretending that this is an actual word).

We arrived at the ice rink early, so went into the pop-up Austrian cafe for teas and hot chocolates. We then got our skates on. Unfortunately, they had run out of skating aids/penguins. It was the first time that Dubz had ever been ice skating, and it was wildy hilarious. His little body could not compute how to hold himself up, and it was like watching Bambi’s first escapade on the ice. After a tense 20 minutes, we finished our turn around the rink. All except for Husband, who wanted to keep trying. Considering I had had to beg him to even go ice skating, I was shocked. The ice rink is open until the 8th January 2017, so there is still time for you to visit.

We went back to the Austrian cafe for lunch and to rest our weary bodies. We then went into the Natural History Museum to check out the dinosaurs, mammals and bugs. The creepy crawlies exhibit is about to close for the next few months, so I am glad we got to see it during this visit. Dubz loves bugs and insects.  If you’re going to the museum, try and arrive during lunch time (12.30pm) as it is much less busy than at opening.

We spent the day in our new winter coats that the lovely folks from Regatta had sent us. The children get new winter coats every year, but Husband and I often wear the same ones again and again. So it was fab that we all had new coats, especially Husband who detests shopping. On a recent outing, he was shivering in his old coat and I knew he needed something substantial. He was so pleased when he found that I had ordered him this warm yet stylish waterproof parka.

Although Dubz already had a winter coat, it is quite handy having two for him. It is amazing the number of times I have had to wash his coat because it looked like he has been rolling around in mud. He loves his new blue reversible jacket. Not only is it cosy and soft on the inside, but it is waterproof. Dubz is wearing his new coat on milder winter days, but will also be able to wear it throughout the spring.

Moozles and I had been gifted new coats in October, so were well used to be being warm and fashionable in our winter coats. Thank you to Regatta, not just for keeping us cosy, but for a fun and festive day at the Natural History Museum Ice Rink.



We were given ice-skating tickets and new winter coats for Husband and Dubz for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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