I’m Chillin’ In The Rain

I'm Chillin' In The RainI grew up in Northern California during a drought. This means that it rarely rained. In fact, I don’t recall even wearing/owning a raincoat. California in the 1980s is a long way from today in the UK. I have been living in London for 14 years now. It rains quite often. Like a lot. A lot a lot. Before I had children, I didn’t have to worry too much about a water-resistant rain jacket. I would carry around an umbrella in case it rained. Then I had to push around a buggy, and didn’t have any free hands to hold a brolly. And I ended up getting drenched on many outings. And the rain became my nemesis.

I have tried many so-called waterproof rain jackets in the past few years. But I would always get soaked through. Then in April I decided to take a chance on this yellow beauty from Joules. The jacket is fully lined in soft, stripey jersey. The hood is big enough so that it covers one’s head (and keeps long hair dry). There are two secure pockets where you can keep keys and a mobile phone covered and dry. There are a further two pockets where you can keep your little hands cosy. This really impressed me. I also managed to get the jacket with an online discount code (lowering it from £79.95 to 59.95), which really made my day.

I had been wanting a yellow fisherman-type jacket for ages. I had been umming and ahhing about whether I was too old and chunky to pull it off. I am glad that I finally took the chance. This jacket has been keeping me dry and cosy for the past six weeks. I especially like it with some rolled up jeans and my Skechers high tops. If you’re not familiar with Joules, they are a British lifestyle brand that offer gorgeous, colourful clothing, accessories and homewares. There are beautiful prints and bright colours, and I am now a fan. A dry, cosy, fan.

I'm Chillin' In The Rain I'm Chillin' In The RainI'm Chillin' In The Rain


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