Interview with a Seven-Year Old

an interview with a seven year old

Last year I conducted my first birthday interview with Moozles, on her sixth birthday. I had seen the ‘birthday questions’ on Pinterest and thought it would be a lovely thing to do to keep track of what my kids are into and then compare each year. And I think it will be something my kids can then show their own children. So, without further ado, here is Moozles on her seventh birthday (my comments/reactions are in brackets).

Who is your favourite person? Mummy (same as last year–I still got it!).
What is your favourite colour: Green (same)
Best friend: my brother (awwww)
Favourite book: The BFG (this is a new category and am not sure why I didn’t ask it last year)
Favourite meal: Roast dinner
Favourite show: Mia and me (it’s on Netflix and she is obsessed)
Favourite movie: Spy Kids
Favourite song: One Way or Another by Blondie (boom–take that One Direction)
Favourite birthday gift: Secret diary
Favourite activity: Playing with my friends
What makes you happy: A cuddle from Mummy/playing with brother (yup, I still got it!)
What makes you sad: When I fight with Mummy
What do you want to be when you grow up: Teacher
If you had one wish, what would it be: to see a shooting star (last year she wanted to be a fairy, so she’s obviously growing up *sniff, sniff*)

an interview with a seven year old
This photo serves no purpose. It just reminds me of when I cut Moozles’ fringe all crazy (she was about one), and it looks like sh’es doing karate. And it makes me chuckle.


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