Introducing Me – Elfa in London

For regular readers, you’ll have noticed the change in my blog and social media channels. I have gone from being ‘Californian Mum in London’ to ‘Elfa in London’ (although my website address has remained the same). Although my blog content will continue to be as before, I thought a name change was needed. So I thought I would share the reasons why. 

I can barely believe it, but I have lived in the UK for 16 1/2 years. How can this be?! I remember arriving here on a two-year visa, ready to embark on a relationship with the loveliest British man in the world. I had never lived with a boy before, let alone moving thousands of miles to live with one. I was so nervous when I left California and arrived in London. But as you know, the risk was worth it. And so far, so god.

And now, after so many years, I don’t feel like such an expat anymore. I think the transition was slow at first. But once you have children, you become more ingrained in the culture, especially once they begin school. I started my blog to chronicle my expat life, and now I rarely write about it.

Another reason I felt the need to change my name, was because my blog has become less about the children and more about me. Moozles is 10 and Dubz is six, so I’m no longer writing about tantrums and potty training. And I’m devoting more time to me. I’m enjoying fashion again, and am back to travelling the UK and the world – with and without my family. 

So, this is me. Elfa in London. Hope you stay along for the ride. xx

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