I’ve Got Spring In My Heart

You know how I love a good tree. All sorts, all shapes. But in the spring my heart belongs to blossom trees. They lift my spirits. I stop to take photos of them as I walk around. I coo over them on Instagram. A bright blossom tree fills my heart with joy. We only have another couple of weeks, and then the blossoms will be all over the ground. But for now, rejoice in the blossoms. Spring is here!

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14 thoughts on “I’ve Got Spring In My Heart

  1. It is beautiful at this time of year. And every year I find the sudden lengthening of the days and the increase in warmth has such a drastic effect on my mood in general.

  2. Quite right too! Let those trees and their blossom lift your spirits. My kids love pointing out trees with lots of blossom. Great pic and very sprong-like. #MySundayPhoto

  3. Blossom trees just make me happy. We don’t have many on the farm – apple will flower later, but the horse chestnuts are out at the moment. Not as pretty as the pinks though

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