Jumpsuit Joy

I have spent about a month searching for the perfect summer jumpsuit. I had tried on about 20, and I was about to give up when I popped into Sainsbury’s last week. I went in to buy pyjamas, and ended up with this navy jumpsuit instead. Jumpsuits are such a versatile piece of clothing. One item can easily be made more casual, ready for drinks with the girls and then even be used as workwear.  But not all jumpsuits work with everyone.

I am a pear-shape (such an old-fashioned term, but  we all understand it). I normally wear a larger size for trousers than for tops. This makes jumpsuit-buying a bit tricky. Some jumpsuits are tight on my legs but fit my upper half. Then there are the insecurities I have towards my body. I don’t like anything too tight. I don’t show my arms. The jumpsuit is actually sleeveless, but I thought my denim kimono would look nice without screaming ‘I’m wearing a cardigan because I hate my flabby arms’.

You might remember that my family and I went to Orlando for Christmas. My husband and kids got loads of new things. I got five items. Five. But this denim kimono was one of them. I bought it from Lucky Brand, and I knew it would make a great alternative to cardigans or a jean jacket. It’s perfect for this in-between weather of not-cold and not-hot.

And if you think you spy a new handbag, then you are not mistaken. We spent last weekend in Normandy and I treated myself to a couple of new bags. This one is from Eram. And yes, those are pom-poms. I do love a jazzy accessory. Too much?


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2 thoughts on “Jumpsuit Joy

  1. Love the look! As a mom of two who definitely wishes I was fitter than I am (oh flabby arms amongst other things), I appreciate that you are fashionable! And pom-poms are perfect.

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