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Forget about winter coming, the dinosaurs are coming. And they will be coming all around the UK. At Easter, we saw the first stop of the Jurassic Kingdom UK tour, at Osterley Park in London. The tour will be heading to Birmingham, Manchester, Blackpool, Glasgow, Newcastle and Leeds. But I wanted to let you know if the tour is worth your visit.

First of all, you may remember that Dubz was obsessed with dinosaurs when he was two and three. He now has other interests but is still keen on dinosaurs. My daughter was not interested in going, not at all. But she actually enjoyed the visit. The exhibit has over 30 animatronic dinosaurs in an open-air setting. It feels like you are seeing the dinosaurs in their natural habitat.

The exhibit was made more exciting by the fact that the dinosaurs were moving and making growling noises. It really felt like the dinosaurs had come to life. The very tall Diplodocus was especially impressive. And the Spinosaurus had a great roar. And the Tyrannosaurus Rex was quite the beast. You can have a look at the website to see which dinosaurs are at Jurassic Kingdom UK, and find out a bit about them.

It is best to buy your Jurassic Kingdom UK tickets online, as it will be a few pounds cheaper. You can book tickets for hourly slots, though you can then stay for as long as you want (our visit lasted one hour). Although we found it to be busy when we visited, we didn’t find it overly crowded.

There are some stalls for food and drinks, as well as spots to have a picnic. We didn’t eat there, but the kids did try out the virtual reality experience. It cost £5 per person, and both children got scared and stopped within one minute. I saw a couple of other children who got scared so I wouldn’t bother unless your child is tough or over the age of nine.

We heartily recommend Jurassic Kingdom UK. It is fun and interesting for children and adults.



We were invited to Jurassic Kingdom for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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