Keeping Eczema at Bay

Fighting Eczema

Winter means eczema in my house. Husband suffered from it as a child, and both our children have outbreaks between October-March. And there are days I get lazy and I stop moisturising the kids on a daily basis. And I regret it as soon as their cheeks get red (photo above). It’s less of a problem for my six-year old daughter. But my two-year old son, Dubz, needs daily moisturisation.

I have previously blogged about how Aveeno products are the only things that have helped my kids’ eczema (here). But I thought I could offer my top three tips on how to deal with red, blotchy, scaly skin.

1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. In the morning and after baths. I have tried hundreds of lotions and potions (including steroids, anti-fungals and antibiotics creams, all prescribed by our GP). Aveeno is the only thing that helped my son. Unfortunately we hadn’t discovered it when I my daughter was under three (that’s when her eczema was at its worst). The doctors prescribed so many creams, thinking she had ringworm. Then when they thought my son had ringworm too, I had enough experience to be able to tell the doctors that it was actually eczema.

Fighting Eczema

2. Bathe infrequently. We are all told to bathe babies and children every day, as part of their routines. But baths are quite drying on the skin, even if using a bath oil. My kids have 2-3 baths per week during the winter. They get a wet face cloth to their faces everyday (more for the boy). And in the summer, when the kids bathe every other day, I don’t always use bath oil/cream. Plain water is fine for washing the body.

Fighting Eczema

3. Keep the air moist. When it’s very cold, many of us have the central heating on most of the day and night. Dry air leads to dry skin. We used a humidifier when Moozles was little. But it broke and I never got around to replacing it. So now I pop a wet face cloth on the radiator at bedtime, and sometimes during the day. It’s a DIY-humidifier.

Do your little ones suffer from eczema and dry skin during winter? How do you cope? If you haven’t tried Aveeno and would like to, pop over here to request a free sample.


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I was sent some Aveeno products for the purpose of a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

7 thoughts on “Keeping Eczema at Bay

  1. Great tips, my little ones also get dry skin in the winter and whilst we moisturise a lot, I hadn’t thought about putting a wet face cloth on the radiator though so will definitely be giving this a go.

  2. We love Aveeno in our house – it’s a miracle product for my family and we can’t recommend it highly enough!
    Thanks so much for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  3. I suffer from severely dry skin myself especially in winter. My eczema mainly occurs on my temples so can cover it with my hair but I do have to keep my nails short to stop myself from breaking the skin in scratching fit!!
    This is the one thing that my daughter has inherited from me that I didn’t want her to get. And it’s on her cheeks too!! And on the tops of the legs strangely enough.
    I tend to bort us both in E45 and aqueous cream on prescription but I think this could be worth giving a go x

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