Keeping Our Home Safe

All parents care about keeping their families safe. But it can be so tough figuring out how to do that, that sometimes nothing is done. This was the case for us for many years. We locked the door and hoped for the best. But four years ago, after spending a couple of nights at my in-laws’, we returned home to find that our home had been burgled. I cannot describe how scary and uneasy we felt. Even though the burglars were long gone, the safety of our home had been destroyed.

After the burglary, I had nightmares for months. My home no longer felt safe. Every time we went away, I would wonder if the house had been burgled again. Luckily the children were small at the time and had no idea what happened. Husband and I discussed what to do but were never able to agree on how to best keep our home safe and secure. When Maplin sent me the Arlo Pro 1 Wire-Free HD Security System, I had a feeling that this would be the solution we had been needing.

The Arlo Pro is simple but serious. The base station stays indoors, the wire-free camera can go inside or outside, and then you monitor everything on your mobile. The camera has a rechargeable battery, HD-quality recording and night vision. There is also two-way audio for talking and listening. Husband and I joked about making spooky ghost noises to the kids when they wake up early one morning, but that might be too mean.

So far, we have been quite pleased with the Arlo Pro. We can choose when it is on (like at night time or when we’re away from home). Hopefully our house won’t be burgled again. But if it is, then we will have a system in place that notifies us of movement and captures the intruders on film. It is the peace of mind that I have been needing.




We were sent the Arlo Pro for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.




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