La Yumminess of La Famiglia at Prezzo

When I think of a family meal, I think of lots of yummy food in the middle of the table and everyone helping themselves. But normally, when you go to a restaurant, everyone gets their own meal. Though sometimes I end up sharing my dessert (against my will, of course). But Prezzo have brought the family-style spirit from our homes to their restaurants with the new La Famiglia menu.

Simply, ‘la famiglia’ is Italian for ‘family’. The name says it all. It is a meal fit for a family. When our generous plate of spaghetti bolognese arrived, the kids oohed. They were so excited by such a big dish. And when the waiter handed Dubz the tongs to serve the pasta, he was thrilled. Imagine being five years old and being in charge of the food. With some help from his daddy, Dubz served us our spaghetti.

There is something so theatrical about family-style dining. There are no regular, one-person portions. Add big serving ware and the children felt like they had snuck onto a giant’s dinner table. I reminded my son that there are no giants (and no, they aren’t extinct) and everyone helped themselves to a delicious lunch.

There are several benefits of eating family-style. One is that the children don’t get jealous of each other’s food. It makes life easier eating the same thing. Also, it means that everyone has their food at the exact same time. We were once at a restaurant when my son’s food arrived about five minutes after all of ours. I am sure you can imagine the attitude we had to all endure. But this was not an issue at Prezzo.

You get a big dish of pasta, two servings of garlic breads, two sides and four desserts (for just ¬£30, by the way). Everything is put in the middle of the table and you dig in. Not only was this perfect for our family of four, but we weren’t able to finish all of our spaghetti (so you could get away with this meal for a family of five, as long as you bought an additional dessert).

Moozles, who is nine, is starting to grow out of the children’s menu as she needs a bit more food. But the La Famiglia menu meant that she could get a bit more food than her brother without him noticing that she had more. Dubz wants everyone to have the same, exact amount of food, but you don’t really notice when you’re eating family-style. Everyone was able to eat until they were ¬†full, without arguments. Hooray for La Famiglia!


This post is an entry for the BritMums #PrezzoLaFamiglia Challenge, sponsored by Prezzo.


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