Leopard Sandals Make Me Happy

Do you ever get a new pair of shoes that fill you with utter happiness? Well, this happened last week when my new leopard sandals arrived. I had been eyeing them up on the Hotter website for over a month. Umming and ahhing. Do I really need new sandals? It turns out that I really did. After all, my wardrobe was severely lacking in leopard ones (meaning I had none).

I almost never wear heels, so I try and find flat shoes that look stylish and not frumpy. And for summer, these leopard sandals are ideal. They ooze elegance but never make you feel like a nana (sorry nana). But it’s true, I love being comfortable and refuse to suffer for style. Yes, I would love to wear some three-inch heels, but I know it would kill my back and give me a leg ache.

I took my leopard sandals with me to Sicily this week. I wore the sandals for a couple of hours before the trip, but didn’t need to break them in (one of the things I love about Hotter shoes). In Catania, I was so pleased to have them as they really smarted up my daytime and nighttime outfits. I thought I would share some photos of my happy and stylish feet (I was on the trip alone so don’t have many full outfit shots).

I will be wearing these sandals all summer long, and for another few years. I got a size 5.5, though I’m normally a size 6. I find that Hotter shoes are often a bit wider so I size down. If you’re not familiar with Hotter, their shoes are made in the UK. And they are renowned for their focus on comfort. And as they are currently offering 20% off shoes, you better get on their site quickish. Ciao!



I was given a choice of sandals from Hotter for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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