Like Riding A Bike

It's Like Riding A Bike

Moozles turned eight at the end of April. She had more than outgrown her previous bike, so we got her a gorgeous cruiser-type bicycle for her birthday. We wanted something lightweight as Moozles had not yet learned how to ride without stabilisers, and she was quite nervous of the entire process. I had also read that it is easier to learn on lightweight bicycles. So we got this pretty Pendleton Junior bike from Halfords (so rare to find a girls’ bike that isn’t tacky, and it was on sale). Husband gave her one lesson at the end of May, and today she had her second lesson. And now, she can ride a bike! It is such a wonderful milestone. Moozles isย so pleased, and we are bursting with pride. My big girl can finally ride a bike!

It's Like Riding A Bike It's Like Riding A Bike




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18 thoughts on “Like Riding A Bike

  1. Congrats! It’s such a big milestone when they learn to ride without stabilisers. I’m hoping Kara will make that step this summer too so she can join the boys on rides.

  2. Aww well done! My girl, who is 6, isn’t at all confident on her ‘balance bike’.

    I love riding my bike but don’t do it much these days – joys of having non-cycling little ones!

    Hope she has fun!

  3. Good for her! You brought back some fond memories of me an my boys when they were learning to ride their bikes. One just took right off and rode without any help and his twin…well let’s just say it took awhile. Lol….

  4. Aw what a super cool bike! This is such a milestone – learning to ride a bike is one of the things I remember so well, it’s so lovely that you’ve captured it on camera #mysundayphoto

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