My Little Box – April 2016

My Little Box - April

It seems like all the cool people get one of those monthly beauty subscription boxes. Last month I decided that I want to be kinda cool. So I had a look at the various beauty/lifestyle boxes (basically researched all the boxes in a very uncool, mum-like fashion), and decided to go for My Little Box.

If you haven’t heard of it, My Little Box is a French company so the items are automatically a bit more chic. You get a range of beauty items, some of which may be from their own beauty range, but there are also some fashion and/or lifestyle accessories and a little magazine. I do feel that the magazine is aimed for a a younger crowd, but I do like to know what ‘da kids’ are into these days.

The actual box that the items come in are pretty cute, and I can see them being re-used by my daughter for little toys and hair thingies. I’m sure if you’re in your 20s, you could use the boxes for cool things that 20-year olds have. Each month, the boxes have a different theme. April’s theme is ‘Flower’. Have a look at my vlog to see what’s inside this month’s box.

And if you’re curious as to what I received last month in the Bubble Box, have a look at the photo below. I gave my daughter the hairbrush, but have kept everything else. The Givenchy mascara is pretty fancy. I don’t wear make-up, apart from lipstick, very often, so this is a good way for me to try new products that I would normally not think to buy. So far, I am quite happy with My Little Box. I might not keep the subscription forever, but for £13.95/box (and I’ve heard that it is easy to cancel the subscription unlike some other boxes), it is a fun little monthly surprise.

My Little Box - April


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