London Favourites: London Transport Museum

London Favourites: London Transport Museum

I love a good museum, in case you hadn’t noticed. And one of my favourites is the London Transport Museum located in Covent Garden’s Piazza. London is known for its iconic red buses, and here you get the chance to run around in one (or 10). Plus there are vintage underground cars and black cabs to explore.

Besides playing and learning about London’s public transport, there is a new play zone for children seven and under (Husband and I enjoyed some tea and coffee at the cafe while the kids played – bliss!). There are also costumes for the kids to try on (Dubz loved donning big hats), and they can play instruments and make announcements. There is even a little reading area so kids can chill out and read books about transport. Dubz loves the ‘Wheels on the Bus’ song and had a rest reading the book of the same title. The kids weren’t the only ones who loved the museum. Husband and I really enjoyed seeing the vintage underground cars and I especially loved the vintage tube posters.

One great thing about the London Transport Museum is that it is free for children who are under 18, and it only costs £16 for an adult ticket. This is made better by the fact that your ticket gives you unlimited entry for an entire year. Obviously you probably wouldn’t go back if you don’t live in/near London. But for those of us who go into Central London regularly, this is a bit of a bargain. It also means that if you are in Central London and at a loose end, you can pop in for a quick play.

There is also a cafe, and a picnic area. Or you could go have lunch elsewhere in Covent Garden, and then return for more playing. One issue with the London Transport Museum: if you’re trying to save money, walk quickly through the gift shop. The posters, the cushions, the mugs. Too cute. Luckily I couldn’t look for long as I was worried about my son breaking something. Check out my vlog below for a better look of the museum. And go check it out – it is a fun family outing!

London Favourites: London Transport Museum IMG_1825 London Favourites: London Transport Museum London Favourites: London Transport Museum London Favourites: London Transport MuseumLondon Favourites: London Transport Museum London Favourites: London Transport Museum London Favourites: London Transport Museum


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12 thoughts on “London Favourites: London Transport Museum

  1. I remember taking my older two children a few years back and they loved it. I must take Little J, it would make his day. Thanks for reminding me of a fab place. #Countrykids

  2. Another London museum I’ve been meaning to visit – love the video. And I hadn’t realised tickets were valid for a year nor that children were free – suddenly makes it seem far more of a bargain when you do live nearby. #countrykids

  3. It is always the gift shop isn’t it! I bet it is very tempting. This looks like a real giggle, especially for transport mad kids, must tell my brother to take my nephew!

  4. This place looks amazing, I’ve not heard of it before and the fact that I have 6 under 18s makes it look very appealing for our next trip up to town. I love all the photos of your children wearing hats and inside the busses. What a great find and thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  5. I really must take Monkey here, he would be so excited about all the buses! I think I would like the vintage underground posters, too. And kids go free? Winner. Another one to add to my huge list! #CountryKids

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