London Favourites: Tate Modern

For those of you who aren’t familiar with London or have only been once or twice, I thought I would start regularly posting about all my favourite London attractions. Places that you should visit, whether as a foreign tourist or someone who lives in the UK. We briefly considered moving out of London after we had our first child, but realised that there was no where else we would rather live. I’m sure you all love your towns/cities/villages, but me, I love London.

First stop –  Tate Modern, which is located on the Southbank. One of the great things about London museums is that many of them are free. Although you do have to pay for the special exhibitions, much of the museum is free for all to peruse. There is so much to see, that you would need to make several trips. And don’t assume that children won’t love a modern art gallery. My children had a fun time, and have asked to go back to the Tate again.

We went on Saturday, and our first stop was Liminal on level four. There are boxes, of different shapes and sizes, which children (and adults) are invited to try and use to make sculptures. Moozles and Dubz made a robot, and Dubz even donated his hat (for a minute) to make the robot a bit snazzier. Tate Modern have a few kids-oriented exhibits like this, allowing the children to participate in the art.

After looking at some art installations, we were feeling quite hungry so we popped into the Tate Cafe. We hadn’t eaten there in years, and were pleasantly surprised at how the food had improved. Husband and I had the three course Christmas menu (which cost £25 each). We raved about the meal for days, as all the courses were superb. My potted shrimp starter was my favourite course. Husband loved his duck main. And the kids’ favourite was pudding (what a shocker). Tate Modern give kids a free main meal, at lunchtime, with every adult meal. Such a lovely touch! We enjoyed the meal so much, we are planning to go again soon with family.

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