Making Mummy Friends

making mummy friends

Being a mum is wonderful. But it can also be a bit lonely. I have written about how social media has eased the loneliness of motherhood and expat life. They’ve started Mommy Speed Dating in the USA, but sadly that hasn’t taken off here. So how about a picnic? I know how much British people love a picnic.

Amy Ransom started The Lonely Mums Summer Club in Greenwich this summer. I thought it was such a great idea, that I thought I might hold a meet-up for mums in South West London and Surrey. And then when Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2 held a similar picnic a couple of weeks ago, and no one killed her, I knew I had to organise a meet-up. I thought it would be nice for local mums to meet other mums who might be feeling lonely. Maybe your friends are all away. Maybe you don’t have many friends. Maybe you have loads of friends but you would still like some more.

I’ve chosen Cheam Park as a place that people can get to easily from Surrey or London. I even went and scoped it out. There’s parking. There’s a cafe and playground, but we’ll be meeting away from the distraction of them. We’ll be meeting by the entrance of Ewell Road, near Nonsuch Park. There are trees surrounding the park, like a fence. Walk into a space of trees, and you will see a purple tree. To the left of this tree you will see some smaller trees near a couple of large tree logs. I will be there at 11am on the 28th August, with my picnic and my children. Unless there is torrential rain. Then I’ll be home, safe and dry.

It probably seems daunting to meet a bunch of strangers. But we’ll all be mums, so we’ll just be happy to natter, moan about our children and sigh wistfully about nights out.  I’ve even begged my friends Heledd from Running in Lavender and Emma from Its Mostly Okay to come along. So if no one else comes, then it will just be us. But hope you can come. xx


5 thoughts on “Making Mummy Friends

  1. What a great idea Elfa! I would love to come – I “should” be on annual leave that week (if we don’t decide to go away the week after before school starts) so if thats the case I will definitely come. Never been to Cheam Park but have been to Nonsuch loads. xx

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