March Must-Haves

March Must-havesHappy spring you lovely folks! My children and I have been trying out some new-ish products this month and we wanted to share our favourite ones.

Vitamins – I have been giving my children daily vitamins for the past nine months, and I have seen a big difference to their health. I have been giving them multi-vitamins, as well as vitamins with added Vitamin D and iron. Since Moozles and Dubz are mixed-race, they need more Vitamin D than Caucasian children. Iron is especially important for Dubz as he has shunned red meat and many other iron-rich foods for the past year.

These Bioglan SmartKids vitamins are great. The Fussy Eaters Multivitamin has all the vitamins I like my kids to have. Moozles loves the taste but Dubz finds it too fizzy. But he still takes it anyway. I bribe him with the Happy Tummies Yogurt Balls. These would be great after a round of antibiotics, or after a tummy bug. My children love them and always ask for them. At £9.99 each for 30 tablets, the SmartKids are more expensive than I would like to spend since they only last for two weeks for two children.

March Must-haves

Hourglass Timer – these could be used in a variety of ways such as timing games or in the kitchen. I use our three-minute timer for teeth brushing. My children use manual toothbrushes so this tells them how long to brush for. You stick them on the tiles, and the kids can be in charge of turning them over (which is apparently a fun thing to do). They come in loads of colours, and only cost £2. I love Tiger, there are just so many cute items that I didn’t realise I needed.

March Must-haves

Hot Chocolate – Husband and I have a nasty habit of wanting chocolate at around 9.30pm. We’re trying to be healthy so have gotten this Cadbury Highlights Dark Chocolate. It is so lovely. I mean, really, really good. There are just 39 calories per cup, but it does not taste like it is low-cal. When I’m being decadent, I throw in five mini marshmallows. Hmmm.

March Must-haves

Make-up Bag – I say make-up bag but I’m just carrying loads of lipstick and a pot of Vaseline. I don’t often wear any make-up, aside from lipstick but I tend to need many on hand as I am never sure what colour I feel like wearing. Also, I tend to mix a couple of colours to get just the right shade. I love this canvas bag from NotOnTheHighStreet.Com. It’s really cool, and very well-made. It’s nice enough to use as a clutch, and not just a make-up bag. And it doesn’t blow the budget at £20. Alphabet Bags also make cute initial purses that I am in love with.

March Must-haves

So, that’s what the kids and I have been loving this month. Not much really, I think I need to go hit the shops.


We were sent the vitamins for the purpose of a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own (and my kids’).


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