Me and Mine – April

me and mine april

April has mostly been a lovely month. We have been enjoying the wonderful weather as a family, going to farms, parks and even a little boat trip. And since we can’t seem to go one month without going to a museum, we even went to the London Transport Museum on one of the sunniest days of the year, thus far.

I normally get a bit down in the middle of April, at the anniversary of my dad’s death. This year marked six years and I let myself have a weepy day at home. But since Dubz had a fever that day, I couldn’t wallow for too long. And then it was time to sort out Moozles’ rainbow cake in time for her seventh birthday celebration (don’t worry, I will not bombard you with yet another photo of my rainbow cake triumph). That’s right, my little baby is seven. *weeps*

I am finishing April away from Husband and the kids. I have never spent nine days away from my children, or husband, but they seem to be doing fine without me. *weeps* I have been in Florida this week visiting my family (my mom now lives with my aunt and grandmother). This weekend we are celebrating my grandmother’s 100th birthday. I feel so happy that we have had this wonderful lady in our lives for so long.

me and mine april me and mine april






me and mine april

I am linking up to Me and Mine over at Capture by Lucyย and Captured Moments at Running in Lavender.


10 thoughts on “Me and Mine – April

  1. What an amazing photograph – and lovely moment. 100 years old. Wow – she is a super-star. This is one amazing #mycapturedmoment for sure. Jess xx

  2. Oh wow what a milestone birthday – Happy Birthday to your grandmother and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the holiday! Your at home picture is lovely too – just so very very happy!

  3. Now that’s a true milestone birthday! What an amazing lady! Glad that you’re having a good time with your family! Enjoy sunny Florida! X

  4. Wow congratulations to your grandmother, that’s an amazing age. It’s so cool that they’re all living together in Florida, just like the Golden Girls (*starts singing… Thank you for being a friend…) I loved that show. Hope you had a great time with your family in Florida, that photo of you all in just lovely, one to cherish forever. Thanks for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xxx

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