Me and Mine – May 2015

Me and Mine May 2015

I am so happy to finally have a photo for Me and Mine that isn’t on the sofa. Last week, during half-term, we were lucky enough to have sunshine most days. We went to Drusilla’s Park one day and had so much fun. I took this selfie on the Thomas the Tank Engine train. Family days can be so exhausting when children are small, but they are also so much fun.

May was a fab month, beginning with my visit to Florida for my grandmother’s birthday. Then home in time to celebrate Dubz turning three and throwing him a dinosaur birthday party. We have had lots of sunny, fun days. We are finishing May at home today, letting the kids watch Star Wars for the first time. Happy days.

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9 thoughts on “Me and Mine – May 2015

  1. Oh such lovely photos of what must have been a great party – I love the picture of you on your day out too – such happy faces!

  2. These are great, they look so much fun. Your eldest is beautiful in that top photo, what a good looking family you are #meandmine

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