Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

Updating the Kitchen with New Dining Chairs

I have slowly been decorating my house in a mid-century modern style. Slowly, because when we bought this house just over three years ago, we were faced with a huge amount of renovations. We haven’t had the money to fix everything right away, so we have tackled the major rooms. The kitchen/diner was the first project. And I was happy with what we accomplished with such a small space. But I have been unhappy with the dining chairs for a while now. So when Lakeland Furniture asked me to choose some furniture from their website, I was thrilled to pick out some new chairs.

Our previous chairs had started out as lovely. I had sourced some fab original G-plan chairs, which I had upholstered in green to match the other green bits in the kitchen. I had only managed to find four, which meant that every time we have guests, we have to bring out some stools. Also, the chairs were never that comfortable. Plus, Dubz has drawn on them (and there were a couple of wees when he was potty training, eek). The chairs looked nice when we first got them (pics below right), but three years later and they were looking grubby (picture below left).

Mid-century Modern Dining Chairs

I saw a few cool replica dining chairs on the Lakeland website that I liked, but I decided to go for the DSW Replica Chairs in Walnut (£49.99 each). These chairs are based on the Eames mid-century classic. I got six chairs – two in yellow, two in green and two in dark grey. We use four chairs as a family, but now have an extra two for when my in-laws or friends come to visit. The seats are a soft plastic, which makes them comfortable as well as easy to clean. The legs are a wood effect, but are made from such a good quality that we thought it was wood. Husband put the chairs together quite quickly (he said that there weren’t any instructions but it was very simple).

We have had our dining chairs for two weeks now, and I am extremely happy with them. My only issue is the dark grey chair has a blue tinge that I could not tell from the photos online, so in hindsight I wish I had ordered the latte instead. But it wasn’t enough of an issue for me to exchange the chair. The chairs are comfortable, which is important when Dubz is having his third breakfast and wants me to sit with him. Dubz has also drawn on the chairs (sigh), and we wiped it away with paper towel quite easily (haha, take that little boy). The chairs have really brightened up the kitchen/diner and brought out the mid-century modern theme to our house. What do you think?

Midcentury Modern Dining Chairs Midcentury Modern Dining Chairs Midcentury Modern Dining ChairsUpdating the Kitchen with New Dining Chairs


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I was sent the dining chairs for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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8 thoughts on “Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

  1. They look so cheerful! I love these Eames chairs – good design that has stood the test of time, and great that they are now affordable in reproduction. #HomeEtc

  2. Aaah Elfa — I LOVE them!! Especially in the mix of colours too. Just gorgeous. They were a clever couple weren’t they, Charles and Ray? Amazing to think that their designs are as relevant and cutting edge as they were back then. Just goes to show that really good design doesn’t date. Thanks so much for linking up lovely 🙂 #HomeEtc — Caro x

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