Mission Deli at KidZania London (& Giveaway)

Mission Deli at Kidzania

If you live in/near London, then no doubt that you have heard of KidZania. It is the ultimate role play experience. It is basically a city that is scaled down for children. Small shops, small businesses, a small hospital, a small fire engine that drives around with small shouty kids. And while everything is scaled down, it still feels big for children. They get to go into a new world, where they are the boss and where mummy and daddy stand on the sidelines (have a look at my vlog below to see more of this child-sized city).

As you leave Westfield, it feels like you are heading into an airport and going on a voyage. When you arrive into the city of KidZania, all children four and over are given 50 KidZos (the local currency). The money could quickly be spent on lots of fun experiences (such as making chocolate, learning how to play drums, painting lessons). Children can earn money by getting jobs, just like in real life. But unlike real life, you could hold 10 jobs in a couple of hours’ time. Moozles’ favourites jobs are surgeon, journalist and working for the power company. But there are loads of jobs to choose from, including banker, police officer, shop worker and baby nurse. The Kidzania experience lasts four hours, though you are of course able to leave early (your children might be quite tired from all that working).

Last weekend, my family and I visited KidZania for the opening of the new Mission Deli Factory. We adore tortillas in our household, so Moozles was thrilled to be shown how to make wraps. She’s at the age where she enjoys weighing and measuring things. She even liked wearing the hair net. And she got to keep a pack of Mission Deli wraps when she was finished (we used them for some yummy tacos and quesadillas at home).

If you’re thinking about going to KidZania, it is best for children aged 4-14. A standard ticket costs £32 per child and £16.50 per adult. Children aged one to three pay £10, and babies one and under are free. Or you could enter my giveaway (below) for a family of four ticket to KidZania.

Children eight and over do not have to be accompanied by an adult to go to KidZania (except for when they enter the premises). Also, adults are not allowed in without children, so it feels like a safe place (all children wear security bracelets and can only be checked out by their parents). If you do go in with your children, and they are slightly older, you can visit the adults-only cafe for a hot beverage and some food and enjoy the free Wi-Fi. So it’s not just for children after all. 😉

Mission Deli at Kidzania Mission Deli at Kidzania

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We were invited to visit Kidzania by Mission Deli. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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  1. wow this looks fantastic would love to take the kids in the holidays I took them to London for the 1st time last year and now their hooked x

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