Monthly Monday Melfie – March 2015

Monthly Monday Melfie

Happy March and Happy Spring dear readers. Welcome to another edition of Monthly Monday Melfie. For those of you not familiar with this linky, it is a chance to get mums taking photos with their children, not just of their children. So join me and get mums back in the picture. So many of you joined in last month, and it was such a treat seeing your Mummy-Child selfies (melfies).

I hadn’t originally planned to use the above photo. I took this photo today, and as you can see it is so bright that we’re all squinting and making funny faces. But I really like it as it makes me feel like sunny weather is finally upon us. Spring is upon us.

Monthly Monday Melfie

I had planned to use the above photo, as it was the first selfie that Dubz took. I had to rotate the photo as it was upside down, but other than that it was all Dubz. We were playing under the covers of my bed last week, hiding from ‘the big, daddy dino-roar’. Don’t worry, we are so good at hiding that he never caught us. 😉

Now it’s your turn. Show me, show me, show me, your Mummy-Child selfies. Grab the badge below, link up then tweet up. I re-tweet everyone who tags me (@CalifornianMum) into their post. #monthlymondaymelfie

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13 thoughts on “Monthly Monday Melfie – March 2015

  1. Ah! I agree the sunny pic is a really happy, fun one! Love that you were hiding under the covers from Daddy Dino – and well done Dubz for mastering (?) the art of the selfie at such a young age 🙂 X

  2. Oh I love them both. It does look gorgeously sunny in the top one, can pretend it’s summer! xx

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