Moozles’ First Day of School

First Day of School

First Day of SchoolThis was Moozles on her first day of school, three years ago. She was so little. I had to fold the sleeves of her age 5-6 cardigan as they were too long.

I remember being so nervous when Moozles began Reception. How could someone so small be ready for school? Even though she knew her ABCs and could count to 20 when she was barely three, she was such a shy toddler/pre-schooler. She didn’t like to speak in front of adults. She had a bad stutter until she was almost four. But in the summer before Reception, something changed in her. She stopped hiding behind my legs. She stopped carrying her blanket everywhere. She blossomed.

Husband and I took Moozles to school, along with Baby Dubz who was only four months old. We took her into the classroom, and left swiftly. I did not want her to see me cry. I was not scared for her. I was sad because I knew that things would move at a quick pace. And they have. Moozles begins junior school tomorrow. Her childhood is racing by. Yes, I will be sad. But I will continue to be proud of my darling girl.


11 thoughts on “Moozles’ First Day of School

  1. Ah I have posted a first day at reception class picture too. We take these pictures every year but they are lovely to look back on aren’t they? This is a gorgeous picture, bless her. Isn’t it funny how they just seem to grow up overnight too? A great captured moment x

  2. Oh my goodness. Such a sweet post and she looks adorable. The twins will be going next year and I will weep buckets. Lovely, lovely post and hope she’s doing well this year going back xxx #mycapturedmoment

  3. Ah Elfa this is beautiful. I know exactly what you mean, Lili started year 1 last week, I have no idea where the whole of last year went!? Their childhood really is so short and we must make the most of every little moment. Thank you so much for linking to #MyCapturedMoment xxx

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