Mother-Daughter Time

As there is a four-year age gap between my daughter and son, my daughter had quite a lot of time alone with me before her brother came along. And because she and I have always been extra close, I have made a special effort to retain some quality alone time. And not just a few minutes or an hour here and there while Dubz naps.

I have never had a close relationship with my mother. And I don’t want it to be like that with Moozles. I want her to be able to talk to me when she’s older. And I hope that one day, when she is all grown up, we can be friends. I feel like if I put the effort in now, we will have the basis for the friendship.
So every three months or so, Moozles and I have a Mummy-Daughter Day. Sometimes I let her pick the activities, sometimes I surprise her (like today). Sometimes I spend quite a bit of money, sometimes we do it bargain-basement-stylee. But what ever we do, we have lots of fun together. Moozles gets uninterrupted time. No brother, no housework and not even my mobile gets in the way. We chat, and she gets to feel extra special and a bit grown-up.
Today’s surprise–we took the train to Central London to see My First Ballet: Coppelia. We went last year and watched My First Cinderella and Moozles loved it. We both enjoyed Coppelia.

My First Ballet is a series of ballet shows targeted towards a young audience (beginning at three years of age). I love the idea of getting children interested in ballet at a young age. And so must a lot of people as the theatre was quite full. I did find it a bit annoying that there were a few toddlers and babies in the audience crying. I understand that children make noise, but I don’t see why the whole family has to attend such an event. Especially as tickets range from £10 to £40 each, depending on your seat and which theatre you are at.
My First Ballet, which is put on by the English National Ballet School, is made up of younger dancers. They are fantastic, and even more so considering their ages. My First Ballet: Coppelia is still playing in London this week, and in several other venues around the UK in April and May, if you want to check it out. 
After the ballet, we grabbed some Viennese fare (Moozles danced most of the way to the restaurant). We had gone to The Delaunay for brunch last year before the ballet (it’s just around the corner from The Peacock Theatre) so this year we thought we would go to its Counter for a quick lunch. Moozles got a hot dog and I got the pretzel salt beef. Tasty!
We then walked (and danced) back to Waterloo, catching sight of the London Marathon. Feeling inspired, Moozles ran over Waterloo Bridge in her own marathon. We had a lovely day, and I hope that Moozles always remembers our special Mother-Daughter days (especially when she’s 16 and I’ve grounded her from going out with a man in a biker gang and she thinks I’m the worst mum in the world). 

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  1. What a lovely time to spend together, my daughter is after a simple shopping day to the nearest city and I am trying to fit that in for her, girl time is important. #MagicMoments

  2. I love this! I don’t have the best relationship with my mum either, to the point where there is an acceptance that things will be the same for me and Munch. Reading thiis has given me a foot up the bum. I want to fight for mine and Munch’s relationship, rather than expect the same fate. I’m so glad I found this post and I’m already planning my first mummy and daughter day in my head. x

  3. In my family saying I love you and hugging is taboo. I dont want that to happen between me & my son. I always say these words, hug him and kiss him when I can cuz I know its important it is for the people you love to know how much they mean to you. #MagicMoments

  4. This is a lovely post. I’m like you in that there are 6 years between my two daughters and I have always been very close to the eldest, so we too have days out just the two of us. I also hope that in forming a solid relationship with her now we may get through the hurdles of the teenage years. I’m lucky in that my mum and I managed to navigate that minefield pretty well, so I draw on that experience and hope we manage the same.

  5. Such special times and I am sure she is going to look back on them with fondness as she grows #Magicmoments

  6. Aww you guys looked as though you had the best time together. My daughter and I need to do this again soon!! #MagicMoments

  7. Ah – what a lovely mother daughter day! We were contemplating a London trip with the boys yesterday but we thought better of it when we remembered the Marathon! I’m not sure I would ever take the boys to a ballet but I’m keen that they be introduced to the theatre at a young age and JJ has already been to the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon a couple of times. #magicmoments

  8. awww honey this is super! i so need to get back to having mum and daughter time, things have got in the way and i have allowed it to! #naughtymummy !

    thanks for linking up with #Magicmoments xx

  9. I booked the tickets a month ago and didn’t realise the marathon was on that day. In the end it was fine as everyone was watching and not many people seemed to be walking around. I did see some boys at the ballet, but tbh they did look bored. 🙂

  10. Wow this sounds amazing. I had a similar gap with my eldest son and daughter and then a very close one between my daughter and little man. I do feel my daughter misses out on the special time I had with the eldest and try to make it up to her. I was close to my mum and hope my little lady and I have a similar relationship too.

  11. thats brilliant that you keep having mother and daughter time, i do hope that my relationship with my daughter will be better than between me and my mum

  12. I feel the same way as you, I hope to be friends with Baby as she grows up. Looks like a lovely Mother -Daughter day xx

  13. Looks like you both had a lovely day! There is 7 years between my eldest and the twins I know he misses having me to himself sometimes but we treasure the little moments we do get together just the two of us! x

  14. What a lovely day out. I have an average relationship with my mum but it’s not that great and I really hope that mine is better with both my girls. I think I should do this with them individually – especially with my eldest as I am conscious that we could be going the same way and like Life with Munchers I shall take this as a kick up the bum to do something about it and find some more time for her. #blogclub

  15. We have four year gaps between the kids (16,12 and 8) and I know what you mean. We try and make time for each on their own, it’s so rewarding and so much fun!

  16. Mother-daughter days sound great. I’m really interested in the ballet. Me and my mum try and spend a day together here and there throughout the year. It’s definitely something I want to do with N. X

  17. She will cherish these wonderful memories when she is older, for sure. You are creating something very special for both of you x

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