Mummy Daddy Disco At The National Trust

Hundreds of National Trust rangers face losing their homes following the decision to let out their Trust-owned properties at market rates.

I was at a parents’ disco recently, organised by one of the mums from my daughter’s school. We had fun drinking and dancing, but it was the first time I had been to a football club. It was a bit weird dancing by the window with all these blokes outside in their football kit who would sometimes watch us. But it was still better than going to a busy, sweaty club where you have to stand all night while teenagers spill their lager on your favourite party wedges.

I began to think of what a truly great mums’ night out would look like during a chat last night on Twitter with Em from Brummy Mummy of 2, Suzanne at 3 Children And It and Katie from Hurrah from Gin. This is what I came up with.

Parents love the National Trust. For those of you not familiar with NT, they are often stately homes surrounded in beautiful gardens (so very British). The NT is popular with families as there is plenty of space for children to run around in the fresh air, there is often a playground and they have nice cafes and tearooms. NT properties are normally closed in the evenings. What a waste.

Mummy Daddy Disco

1. The NT could open up once a month so that mums and dads can come and partay. Preferably the lovely hall or even the tea room. Either would be nice and not sweaty. But we would be situated in lovely surroundings that we don’t normally get to enjoy as we are too busy wiping muddy toddlers and stopping them from going for a swim in the lake with the ducks (true story). And you don’t have to worry about us getting drunk and wrecking the place. Yes, we will get drunk but we’re always so tired that we’re all happy to leave by 11pm.

2. No plastic cups. We spend all day using our parenting ninja spills to prevent spills and crashes. Give us the china tea cups. Instead of tea, we’ll have gin, lager and wine. Obviously not together. And right before the night finishes, everyone gets a proper cup of tea. Ooh, imagine that.

3. Lots of comfy chairs. We’re tired from running around after our hyperactive energetic children. We need to sit down when we’re not dancing. And maybe some footstools?

4. Cake. Enough said.

5. Cheesy songs we can all sing along to and to which we can have a good boogie. Even you ‘too cool for school’ dads out there. Stop the football chat and get your groove on. You know you love a bit of Rick Astley.

So come on National Trust. This is a great idea. You make a bit extra cash, and us mums and dads can party in style. So, NT, call me.


 Photo credit: National Trust
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12 thoughts on “Mummy Daddy Disco At The National Trust

  1. I do hope that you have tweet this idea out to the national trust – this is definitely a winner! The bit I love the most though is the promise of a cup of tea at the end of the night. Mmmmm.

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