Mummy Makeover with Regatta

I live in dresses and leggings. And even though I have many outdoor adventures, I am not dressed like I am about to go creeping through tall grass or stomping in the mud. In September, Regatta invited me (and three other mummy bloggers) to a style masterclass with Vogue Williams. Vogue is a model and TV personality, and is the new face of the Regatta AW16 Heritage collection. Vogue and Regatta helped me find a sportier look for my weekends.

Regatta considers me to be a ‘Weekend Explorer’ because my family and I spend our weekends walking and discovering new areas. I like my clothes to be practical and warm. This is all true, but I never seem to be dressed appropriately for our walks. I normally wear my trainers which always leave me with wet toes. And my winter coat is made of wool rather than a fabric that will keep me dry.

Vogue showed me some lovely fleeces which I can wear with a nice cosy (and shower-proof) coat, as well as some cute welly boots. And I can’t believe that after 14 years living in London, I have my first pair of wellies. I feel like I finally look like the ‘Weekend Explorer’ that I am. I also got my make-up done (I am normally just a lipstick kind of gal) and my hair straightened, so I looked like a very elegant explorer.

My daughter Moozles was at the masterclass, and she was thrilled with my makeover. She loved the burgundy coat and the wellies, though she did think I could do with some sequins. Maybe at the next makeover? 😉 Have a look at this video to see how the other mummy bloggers and I transformed.

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