My Baby Is Four

My Baby Is Four

It’s tough being the baby of the family. When it was my daughter’s birthday, I think I dedicated several blog posts to her. And then my son’s birthday seemed to go by without any mention. Oops. But here we go, almost two weeks late. Dubz is four! My baby boy is not such a baby anymore (though he will always be my baby).

These four years have flown by. I remember the moment Dubz was pulled from my belly. He came out screaming his head off (a stark contrast to his sister who was so quiet when she was pulled out that we didn’t realise she had been born). He was hungry, and was fine after finding my breast. Not much has changed. Dubz is quiet and lovely until he gets hungry, and then he turns. Thankfully now he turns his attentions to pizza and leaves my boobs alone.

Dubz is sweet and caring. He is silly and funny, he solves problems and sometimes causes problems. He plays with Lego, Star Wars and superheroes. He loves ties, capes and flashy accessories. He fills my heart with so much love. I have loved every day of these four years (even the days I am tired and covered in snot/sick). And although there is a sadness as Dubz moves further away from his baby days, I look forward to fewer tantrums. 😉

My Baby Is Four

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10 thoughts on “My Baby Is Four

  1. Hi Elfa, I bet you have no idea where those four years have gone and I hope Dubz had a fantastic birthday.

    I love the photos, particularly the one of him wearing a proper little flat cap!


  2. Ah look at baby Dubz, he’s so cute!! I know what yo mean, time is going so quickly, I can’t believe my first baby will be six in a couple of weeks. Dubs really has always loved his hats hasn’t he!? Bless him. Belated Happy Birthday dude xx

    Thank you so much for supporting #MyCapturedMoment xx

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