My Boy and the Butterflies

my boy and the butterflies

Today we went to RHS Wisley to see the butterflies. Dubz had such a fun time. He ran around saying, ‘more butta-fly’. He would spot them from far away and then would crouch down or stand¬†really still to look at them. We had been nervous that he would be afraid of the butterflies, or that he would be rough and tread on some. But he behaved so well. And before we left, he posed on a little bench. He is such a little poser. Dubz¬†often tells me ‘take pic-cha’ and I have to take a photo of him and then show him the picture. Instead of playing games on my iphone, he will sit and look through the photos on my camera roll.

my boy and the butterflies


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14 thoughts on “My Boy and the Butterflies

  1. Ah what a gorgeous photo with a beautiful backdrop. I have wanted to go to a butterfly farm (are they called farms!?) for ages- I love butterflies and I think the girls would be fascinated. Looks like a fun day out. x

  2. I see Dubs is sporting one of his famous scary tops here! He does look truly happy and mesmerised by this beautiful butterfly house. Definitely another place to add to the list of places to visit x


  3. Gorgeous photo, this sounds like a great day out. Lovely gentle guy looks like he loved meeting the butteflies. Beautiful #ordinarymoments

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