My Winter Wardrobe Wishlist

There are loads of gifts I’d like this Christmas. But what I really want is a new wardrobe. Now that I’m 40, I feel like my wardrobe needs a boost. I’ve been dropping hints, but there are people in my life who can’t catch a hint to save their lives (I’m talking about you, Husband). So I thought I would share some clothing that would brighten up my winter and make me very happy come Christmas morning.

My Winter Wardrobe Wishlist

From left to right, here is what I’m hoping to find under my Christmas tree next week.

Knitted Poncho – I’ve recently become a fan of ponchos. Throw them on, and it makes the school run outfit look a bit more puller together. This would work throughout the winter and into spring.

Metallic Quilted Clutch Bag – I’ve been looking for an affordable clutch bag (22), and this totally fits the bill. I love a bit of gold, and this would add sparkle to any outfit.

Whistles Hannah Plain Dress – This dress looks so grown-up. It has a modern structure but the colour keep it youthful. At £95, it is an investment piece, and you could wear this for years to come. As it is a bit loose, it would be great for Christmas dinner (pass the turkey and stuffing!). You could dress it up with shoeboots, black tights and a sparkly clutch for the evening. But it would look equally fab worn during the day with some white Addidas and your mum bag.

Monochrome Coatigan – this looks comfy yet elegant. You could skip your winter on mild days and just wear this and feel like a stylist bear is hugging you. Mmmm.

Superdry Biker Jacket – I really feel like my wardrobe is suffering from not having a black leather jacket. They have been everywhere the past three years, and I am ready to jump on the bandwagon. This faux leather jacket looks cool without the leather price (£90).

Black Biker Boots – I wish I could wear super high heeled boots. But I like flats. Or rather, heels hate me. So boots with a small wedge work best for me. Especially as I spend most of my time running after my kids, pushing a buggy and running errands (when not watching The Real Housewives, obvs). The boots cost £85, which I think are a bargain for leather boots that looks much more expensive.

Yes, I know that there are a lot more things I can get from Next, from homewares to jewellery, but these are the items that would make my winter wardrobe much happier.


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