My Word of the Week? Self-Doubting

In between enjoying fun family time and appreciating the sunny Spring weather, there has been a cloud over me. For the past two weeks, my five-year old Moozles has been a monster. Though, she technically doesn’t have horns, gnarly teeth or a prickly tail, she has been a monster nonetheless. We are talking tantrums almost every day. And not little tantrums because I have taken away a favourite toy. No. It will be a raging, out of control tantrum because I have asked her to wash her hands. 


There has been yelling, shouting, pushing. She even bit her Daddy on Tuesday morning. As a Stay-At-Home-Mum, you can’t help feel that you are failing as a parent. Why had I given work when it turns out that I am doing such a crap job at raising my children? I have been called rude and evil. Moozles has shrieked that she doesn’t like me or love me, and that she wishes I wasn’t her mummy. *ouch* 

On Tuesday morning, after school drop-off, I spoke to Moozles’ teacher. But there is a bit of friction between Moozles and some of her friends. Apparently it is common for five and six-year old girls to act like b**ches to one another (in addition to their parents). I have also been worried that Moozles is feeling quite jealous of her little brother, who at 22 months old, is quite the scene stealer.

At about 1pm on Tuesday, Moozles’ teacher called me after an in-depth conversation with my daughter to say that in addition to the issues with friends, my daughter was in want of some alone time with her Daddy. I have always tried to have Mother-Daughter time with my daughter, but we realised that she doesn’t get much quality alone time with her Daddy away from her little brother. 

Moozles has come home with a sticker reward chart that she made with her teacher. She gets stickers if she gets ready for school in the mornings and if she gets ready for bed in the evenings without any tantrums. We haven’t had one tantrum since Tuesday morning. Maybe my word of the week should be thankful, as we are so lucky to have a a teacher who cares so deeply about her students and can help so quickly.

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5 thoughts on “My Word of the Week? Self-Doubting

  1. I identified much with your “About me” which I looked at in my peripeheral vision! 🙂 I pretty much sail in the same boat. I’m a stay at home mum who’s often plagued by the same doubts, I think it’s the legacy of parenting -you can never be as good as you want to, or thought you’d be! I think children don’t expect half of what we expect of ourselves, so I think we’re mostly safe! I bet you’re an amazing momma! Nice to have come across your blog via the link up at The Reading Residence! 🙂 x I blog at

  2. That sounds like a wonderful teacher. Reward charts always work wonders here. And you know, I think self-doubt as a parent is fine, as long as it doesn’t eat you up. It just means you care about doing your best. My 4 yo goes through periods of misbehaving and anger from time to time, and I’ve said the very same things as you to my husband, but it rights itself – often with a reward chart actually! Hope it continues to go well x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. When my kids used to go through the tantrum stage I just decided it was part of their growing up and becoming their own characters. It’s always a bit worrying that they might stay that way 🙂 Sounds like you have a great teacher.

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