Our Aldi Food Shopping Challenge

Our Aldi Shopping Challenge

How much do you spend on your weekly food shop? Do you have a budget? When we were a family of three, and I worked part-time, I did not even think about what we spent on groceries. I just ordered from Ocado and that was that. Now that there are four of us, with only one income, I have to stick to a budget. I normally spend about £125 each week feeding our family of four. I’ve been trying to get this number down, but it is so tough. And we eat so much.

So, when Aldi asked me to take part in their shopping challenge, I was a bit nervous. It is one thing to reduce your weekly spend on groceries – but by £55?! There is an Aldi near my house which I go to once a week or once every other week. Husband loves their lager, and I normally buy their brown bread, tortillas, free-range chicken and eggs, and fruit. I also go to Aldi specially for their pull-ups as they are a bargain at £2.99 for 18 (although Dubz is potty-trained, he sleeps in pull-ups). But I’ve never tried buying all our food from Aldi.

During my week, I did one big shop for £50 and a smaller shop for £19.60. I try and cook from scratch (though you will always find fish fingers and chips in my freezer). I buy a whole chicken once a week as we normally get two or three meals out of it. I also tried Aldi’s own brand of English Muffins. Once a week I make the kids some English Muffin Pizzas (muffin grilled with tomato sauce, cheese and vegetables) – they love it and it is such a cheap meal. Their Norpak tasted just like Lurpak. And the brioche buns made our burger night even tastier.

I was also pleased at how inexpensive the sausage, bacon, garlic bread and dried pasta were, as these are all things we love. I even bought their random brand of mayonnaise and it was surprisingly good. Aldi doesn’t just have its own brand. I did notice that there were some big name brands, including Coke and Marmite. They didn’t have organic milk, but they do offer regular milk and filtered milk (and soy milk). For some reason, Husband loves filtered milk so he was happy that I was unable to buy the organic stuff.

I am pleased that we were up to the Aldi challenge. But I do have to note that I had to spend an extra £2.70 buying two cartons of Lactofree milk (both Dubz and I are lactose intolerant). And I would have blown the budget if I had needed to buy laundry liquitabs and dishwasher tablets (they had been bought the week before). I do plan to try out the Aldi dishwasher tablets when we run out of the expensive brand I normally buy.

Overall, I am pleased  with the quality of the food and drinks from Aldi. I will be trying to buy most of my groceries there rather than going to three different supermarkets. What do you think? Are you impressed that I managed to keep to the £70 budget? Or are you already a grocery-saving expert? I’d love to hear any tips you might have. And please watch my vlog below for more on how we got on with our challenge.

Our Aldi Shopping Challenge Our Aldi Shopping Challenge IMG_3330 Our Aldi Shopping Challenge Our Aldi Shopping Challenge Our Aldi Shopping Challenge Our Aldi Shopping Challenge


8 thoughts on “Our Aldi Food Shopping Challenge

  1. As you know we also did the challenge and LOVED it! We are huge Aldi fans here. I agree it is possible to just spend £70 but if you are looking for a few extra items it would tip the budget over x

  2. I spend spend a lot of money from the family budget for food too, may be £200 a week. If i could take advantage of something like that my budget will be a little bit happier. I am looking forward to opportunities like this.

  3. I’m impressed!! £70 is so good. We spend about £40-£50 weekly but Little Miss is only just two. She has been in Aldi nappies since she was born and we use them and pampers. The Aldi baby wipes are immense!!
    I agree with you that laundry detergent and dishwasher tabs are getting to be super expensive – but I do find that that cheaper brands aren’t as good. You’ll have to let us know if you try the Aldi version.
    Lovely to see you on film xXx

  4. Love a bit of Aldi – actually went there at weekend and spent £80 and got loads – then did a shop today in another supermarket and spent £50 – and had hardly anything to show for it! It really pays to shop elsewhere – and I find most of Aldi stuff is on par with labels and brands. I haven’t tried the pull-ups – thanks for tip x (we also love the wet wipes) xx

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