Our Favourite Summer Ginghams

Our Favourite Summer Ginghams

Summertime in the UK doesn’t just mean ice cream and paddling pools. It also means summer term at school. For girls in infant and junior school, that means ditching the school pinafores, skirts and trousers in favour of gingham dresses. Moozles, who is seven, loves gingham dresses, so I thought I would share our four favourite  tried and tested dresses.

1. Best Non-Iron Dress, Marks & Spencer

Our Favourite Summer GinghamsThis dress is utterly lovely. The frilled hem adds a sweet and feminine touch. And you can shake it out after it’s been washed and dried, hang it up and it is ready to wear. How I loathe ironing.

Plus, this dress has a belt. Moozles loves tying and re-tying belts, as do many of her friends. Costs £10-£14, depending on the age of the child.


2. Best Dress to Put On/Take Off Easily, Asda

Our Favourite Summer GinghamsA zip makes a school dress so much easier when you have a little girl. As Moozles is seven, she doesn’t have problems buttoning her clothes. But having a dress with a zip makes life easier when kids have to undress for PE and/or swimming. It also makes getting ready for school a bit easier/quicker in the mornings if your little girls isn’t great at using buttons.

Also, the zip makes the dress look quite cute and sporty. And at £4, it is a bargain.


3. Best Value Dress, Sainsbury’s

Our Favourite Summer GinghamsFor £5, you cannot get a nicer gingham dress. It is pretty, has the much coveted belt, washes well and doesn’t need an iron. And the heart-shaped buttons are a very nice touch. And if you buy it when Sainsbury’s is running a 25% off discount, then you are getting a true bargain.

The only downside is that you cannot order clothes online or reserve them from Sainsburys so you will have to chance whether they have the dress in stock.


4. Best Ethical Dress, Eco Outfitters (top picture)

Our Favourite Summer GinghamsMost gingham dresses are made of a cotton-poly blend. But this dress is made from 100% organic cotton. This is the best dress if your child has sensitive skin. Wearing synthetic fabrics can aggravate skin conditions such as eczema.

Although this dress is the most expensive on my list (it is currently on sale for £15.95), it is the only one that is ethically made. Not only is it grown organically, but the spinning, dyeing and printing processes used are also to a high organic standard. But please note that these dresses looked quite creased after washing – the lack of polyester means that they will need to be ironed. Or you could do what I did and throw a jumper on the girl, and she looked fine. 😉




We were given a summer dress from Eco Outfitters for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


5 thoughts on “Our Favourite Summer Ginghams

  1. Gorgeous dresses, I am loving gingham dresses this year because Leah now wears them for nursery. We have the dress from ASDA, Leah demanded it as it had the heart on the zip. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  2. Aw, this reminds me of wearing red gingham dresses at my primary school. I’ll get to choose boring shorts, and N will still have to wear the hideous and unflattering yellow polo shirts. Grim. TT_thursday

  3. I hated gingham dresses as a kid – they made me itch. Syd has sensitive skin like me, so I guess the Eco Outfitters one would be ideal for her too! #TT_Thursday

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