Our Hospital Visit

Our Hospital Visit

For those of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will know that our Easter holiday did not begin well. Dubz woke up at 11pm last Friday, coughing. He barely slept that night. He kept choking on phlegm and was quite uncomfortable and listless. On Saturday morning we took him to the emergency doctor at the hospital. The emergency doctor sent us straight to the children’s A&E. The nurses and the doctor saw us immediately.

Dubz had very low oxygen levels and was having difficulty breathing. After a few rounds of oxygen and nebulisers, Dubz was feeling a bit better but his oxygen levels, though improved, were still quite low. They doctor put in an iv and they sent him for a chest x-ray. He was admitted to the hospital and we spent the next two nights in the children’s ward.

Dubz quite enjoyed his hospital stay, once the iv came out and he was unplugged from the oxygen machine. He loved the playroom, being able to go on the iPad lots and getting to sleep on/in a bed next to his mummy. But I was so happy when we were discharged, and I could finally take my boy home. On a side note, I learned that mums should probably have a little bag packed for a hospital stay as husbands have the tendency to pack you clothes that have holes and completely forget to pack you knickers and socks.

The doctors diagnosed Dubz with an Upper-Respiratory Wheeze. Later, the head consultant said it was likely to be ‘the first’ asthma attack. As it was such a serious episode, they have put him on a preventative puffer that he needs to use twice a day to hopefully prevent a future attack. Husband had asthma when he was a boy, so we thought Dubz might have it too (Dubz has also inherited his father’s glue ear – damn that Husband). Fingers crossed that my boy stays out of the hospital in the forseeable future.

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29 thoughts on “Our Hospital Visit

  1. Holy cow Elfa! I’m so sorry that your little guy was so sick! We have one of those inhaler doodads. John had pneumonia two years ago with a super high fever for over a week. I think the listlessness was the worst part. The pictures are great with that smile of his though. Oh, my mom says hi! I hope you’re all recovering from the hospital stay.

  2. Glad to hear the hospital visit was a little bit fun and not all traumatic. The same thing happened to us with Felix years ago, he still remembers sneaking out with me and going blackberry picking along the hospital hedgerows as he was recovering. #whatsthestory

  3. Oh no 🙁 Scary! Glad to hear he’s OK now but you must have been so worried. Hope you get to have a better end to the weekend – big hugs. Jess xx

  4. It must’ve been so scary for you. I’m glad he’s home and with a puffer, although obviously it would’ve been better ideally without. He looks like he dealt with it like such a brave boy though. Xx

  5. Oh bless him. I love how awesome he still looks despite being in hospital. I’m glad he’s ok now – I bet it was quite scary! Hope it’s all sorted and you’re prepared in the future. Lots of love xxx

  6. Oh Elfa, that sounds terrifying. I saw the pics on IG but reading the full story is really scary. Glad he’s all better now and you have the puffer to prevent further attacks. Poor Dubz. Hope you both get to enjoy some Easter eggs now. xxx

  7. Poor you E. Dare I ask how you survived the 2 nights? I always feel like I have jet lag after the boys’ hospital admissions! And why does this kinda thing always happen on a weekend or at 2am?! Hope Dubz is feeling much better now. My Thing 2 took to his inhaler like a duck to water after a scary start and we pick up on the signs much quicker now too. Thinking of you x

  8. OMG so sorry you all had to go through this. What a drama. Glad he saw the positives though, children are great like that, aren’t they? They just don’t wallow in illness like us grown-ups do. Hope the preventative puffs do the job. xxx

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