An Easter Egg Hunt at the top of The Shard

The Easter holidays mean more than two weeks off school. It means finding fun outings for one’s child(ren). I mean, there are only so many times you can go to the playground. But if you’re in London or planning a visit this Easter, you should think about visiting The Shard for a fun, and different, Easter Egg Hunt.

Did you know that The Shard is the tallest building in the UK, as well as Western Europe? You take two lifts/elevators and some stairs to get to the 72nd floor, and then are rewarded with some seriously cool views. With the added bonus of an Easter Egg Hunt, it makes looking at the sites more fun.

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What Not To Expect…for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of those strange days. When you’re about to have a baby, you imagine idyllic pampering sessions and breakfast in bed like you see in movies and on television. And that may even happen on your first Mother’s Day. But often you will find yourself busy with a sick child or battling siblings. And sometimes you may have a partner who doesn’t organise anything. So, for those of you new to motherhood, I wanted to offer some guidance on what not to expect on Mother’s Day.

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Losing Weight with dietbon (diet ready-made meals)

I had assumed I would have lost the baby weight when my son was a baby. But we are three months away from his seventh birthday (what??!!), and the weight has not shifted. In fact, I started 2019 with an extra stone (that’s 14 pounds) on top of the three stones gained during the pregnancy. So when the folks from dietbon (diet ready-made meals) asked if I would like to try out their service, I thought it couldn’t hurt.

The dietbon delivery arrived at the beginning of January. Both Husband and I find it difficult to count calories but feel like it’s time to finally get our weight and health sorted. With dietbon, you get three meals, plus one snack and one dessert daily. So there’s no need to calorie-count. This really made restricting calories so much easier.

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A Wintery Walk

Bears have the right idea. Winter just makes you want to hibernate. Sadly, there’s no hibernation for humans. We have to keep going, even when we want to snuggle on the sofa with Netflix and cake. But I’ve decided not to let the cold weather get the best of me this year. So I’m making sure I go on weekly walks this winter.

You know that I didn’t grow up with this kind of weather. In fact, I didn’t even see snow until I was 20. And while London doesn’t get really cold weather, like some places, it gets colder than what I like. But for my mental and physical health, I need to walk. And out I go. Whether it is walking to and from school, or going for walks in Richmond Park, I’m trying to walk everyday.

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Introducing Me – Elfa in London

For regular readers, you’ll have noticed the change in my blog and social media channels. I have gone from being ‘Californian Mum in London’ to ‘Elfa in London’ (although my website address has remained the same). Although my blog content will continue to be as before, I thought a name change was needed. So I thought I would share the reasons why. 

I can barely believe it, but I have lived in the UK for 16 1/2 years. How can this be?! I remember arriving here on a two-year visa, ready to embark on a relationship with the loveliest British man in the world. I had never lived with a boy before, let alone moving thousands of miles to live with one. I was so nervous when I left California and arrived in London. But as you know, the risk was worth it. And so far, so god.

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Christmas in London – For Procrastinators

I seem to alternate with being very organised or being an utter procrastinator. And that goes with every aspect of my life. Annoyingly, this Christmas, I’ve been a procrastinator. I actually started looking at Christmas events and activities in early November but just couldn’t decide on anything. I still haven’t even booked a Santa’s Grotto. Eek! The thing about London, though, is that you have to book things well in advance. If you don’t, you may end up at home watching Netflix all winter (not the worst thing in the world, but boring after a while). In case any of you are like me this year, and are based in/near London, here are some fun Christmas activities that haven’t already sold out.

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How To Wear A Beret

Even though I share fashion posts quite regularly, I am not very confident. But I try and get out of my safety zone and not just wear the same types of things. With that in mind, every year, for the past four years I have bought a beret. And every year I have returned said beret.

This year’s beret was gorgeous and leopard. But when I put it on, I felt like an utter impostor. I am not a cool young thing. I am 43. I can’t possibly continue trying berets, surely I must admit defeat.

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The Wonders of Travelling

I had planned to write a post on my favourite holiday destination. But then, I couldn’t decide which place was my favourite. But what a unique position that is. I have been to so many beautiful and/or interesting places that I can’t decide on a favourite destination. Travelling brings about many wonders – you learn about different cultures, taste new food and you may see a landscape completely different than what you’re used to. I may be able to choose a favourite when I’m 92, but for now I have quite a few favourites. But I thought I would share two of them with you.

Over 14 years ago, Husband and I went on our honeymoon to Kenya. We spent one week relaxing by the beach in Mombassa and then another week on safari in the Masai Mara. The safari was magical. We we were in wonder as we spotted so many animals, including cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, elephants, and wart hogs. We even saw a pride of lions feasting on an animal they had caught. We went to Lake Nakuru – famous for its millions of pink flamingos (top photo). And we still joke about the afternoon we were eating lunch on the terrace and a monkey grabbed a biscuit out of my hand. It looked into my eyes, took the biscuit, and scampered off. Talk about a cheeky monkey!

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Japanese Yumminess at Ichiba London

One of the joys of London is the never-ending choice of restaurants and cafes. There is always a cool new place to eat at. And if you like Japanese food, then you have to try Ichiba. Opened in June 2018, Ichiba is the largest Japanese foodhall in Europe. And as it is located in Westfield shopping centre, in Shepherd’s Bush, you will be able to make a day out of it. Shopping and yummy food – what a wonderful combination.

My daughter and I adore Japanese food. My son is six and I have been trying to cultivate his love of new flavours. There was a tough time in our lives where for three months he only ate toast. Dark times, people, dark times. And while Dubz won’t touch sushi, I am trying to show him that there is more than that when it comes to Japanese cuisine.

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Pumpkin Cake (That’s Soo Good AND Non-Dairy)!

Like most Americans, I am a huge fan of Thanksgiving. It’s basically Christmas without gifts. You can get together with your family and/or friends and eat until you have to loosen your trousers. What’s not to love? What one my favourite things about Thanksgiving is the dessert – and lots of yummy pies. Sadly, my children do not like pie. So a few years ago I had to come up with the perfect pumpkiny dessert. And here it is – a pumpkin cake so delicious and moist, plus it’s dairy-free.

My kids ask for this cake, even when it’s not Thanksgiving. I made one at the weekend to bring to a Friendsgiving celebration. My family were sad that they didn’t get enough, so I will be baking more this week. I like to bake in a bundt tin, because bundt cakes look fancy. It’s gratifying baking a simple cake and having people think that it’s more effort than it is. And this is seriously the easiest cake ever!

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