Partying at Da Club, Da Book Club

Out at Da Club, Da Book ClubI used to love staying out late, dancing the night away. But then I had children. And now I rarely go to da club. I’d rather spend the evening on my sofa. But recently I have discovered a new club – da book club.

I used to be an avid reader. For years I would read three or four books each month, losing myself in thrillers, classics and contemporary fiction. Then, I had a baby. And all of a sudden it would take me a month to read one book. And even then, it was normally a baby book. And when I had another baby? There was really no time for books, not even baby books. I think I managed about six books in four years, which made me feel sad. Other mums continued to read books, why couldn’t I?! But it turned out that I wasn’t alone.

About five or six months ago, I was chatting with some of my local mummy friends. We were all lamenting the fact that we rarely read books, so we decided to form a book club. We have been taking turns at one another’s homes and have met three times so far. And something funny happened after I read the second book, I re-discovered my love of reading. I started reading other books. Books I don’t have to read.

I know it is such a cliché to be in your 40s and belong to a book club. Add being a stay-at-home-mum. But it has been such a fun experience. The book club ladies and I spend an hour talking about the book, then two hours chit chatting. And there is enough wine and Prosecco for twice a group. Da book club is so much better than da club.


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