Pastel Kitchen Wishlist

Isn’t it starting to feel like winter will never end? The Christmas decorations are gone and the house is feeling a bit blah. So I’ve been thinking about how I can cheer up the house, and I think some pastel kitchen accessories, glassware and tableware would help bring some spring into my house.

1. Pink Tablecloth – I love a tablecloth, and have one or two for each season. I had to throw a couple away recently because my children are animals and they wreck everything. So I prefer to buy inexpensive ones that are pretty but that I don’t care too much about ruining. I love this blush pink, with the grey stripes on the edge keeping it from looking too girlie.

2. Pastel Accent Plates – You might expect some boring plates from Royal Doulton, but these are just so pretty. They would be the highlight of any dinner party this spring or summer. And they’re dishwasher-safe, which is essential in my house.

3. & 4. Kilner Handled Jar Glass – Jam jar glasses have been popular for the past few years. And it’s possible that I may be the last blogger to buy some. But this year, I am determined to get some. I love a bit of jumble sale chic, so would get three glasses in pink and three in green.

5. Parrot Corkscrew – Alessi are known for their funky kitchen accessories, and this parrot corkscrew is super cool. You will need to buy lots of wine and beer, just so you get to open them with this fab corkscrew.

6. Glass Storage Jars – These jars look vintage, but they are from Dickins & Jones. And they’re on sale for only £5 each. I love them so much, and they would look amazing in my kitchen in any season.

7. Blossom Birds Mug – Is there a law that says that once you have a baby, you need to start a Cath Kidston addiction? Or maybe once that baby is pops out, you are naturally drawn to birds, flowers and pastels. All I know is that I love a Cath Kidston mug, and this mug would look fab in my collection.

What do you think of my pastel finds? Wouldn’t it be a great way to update your kitchen? What’s your favourite item?





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One thought on “Pastel Kitchen Wishlist

  1. Those items are cute and I love light stuff. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and those items are perfect gifts for my older sister. Light colored stuff means love to me.

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