Pen Ponds in Richmond Park

Pen Ponds in Richmond Park

I quite often write about Richmond Park. It is an amazing green space and we are very lucky to live so close to it in south west London. And it is humongous. We try and go once or twice a month for family walks. We seem to explore a new part every time, which keeps the visits from being boring. In fact, when Husband and I tell Moozles and Dubz that we’re going for a walk in Richmond Park, they cheer.

I have previously mentioned that we are trying to have a fitter, healthier family lifestyle. We’re getting the children to walk longer and longer each visit to Richmond Park, and they can now walk for about two miles without much complaint. Last Sunday we went for a walk near Pen Ponds. We saw loads of deer and discovered a wooded area which the children dubbed ‘the deep, dark, woods’. We also saw a few amazing dragonflies. Their bright blue colour looked quite vivid against the green of the grass. We then found the wonkiest bench for a little rest. It wasn’t very comfy, but it made for a good photo.

Pen Ponds in Richmond Park

Pen Ponds in Richmond Park Pen Ponds in Richmond Park Pen Ponds in Richmond Park Pen Ponds in Richmond Park



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12 thoughts on “Pen Ponds in Richmond Park

  1. Richmond Park is an amazing space, isn’t it? I’ve only been through it a couple of times but it feels like it goes on forever. The blues and greens in your photos are incredibly vivid too. Looks like you had fun!

  2. I haven’t been to Richmond Park in a long time but I used to drive thorough it regularly. How lovely to live close by and be able to explore it so regularly. Love your photos by Pen Ponds and the wonky bench one – I’d be a bit nervous about sitting on it in case it fell over! 🙂

  3. Wow it sounds and looks like an amazing place. I’ve never been but Chatsworth is a bit like that with deer running across the fields whilst you drive your car. Lovely photos!

  4. I’ve never been to Richmond Park, but it’s somewhere I’ve been meaning to go. It looks great especially with all the deer.x #mysundayphoto

  5. This looks like a fabulous place – it’s amazing that it’s in a busy city ! The blue dragonflies are cool – we’ve been spotting there here too and even saw a bright red one. The colours are beautiful 🙂

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