The Perception vs The Reality of Cooking With Kids

I like my blog and social media to be a fairly accurate portrayal of my family life. There are so many pressures to make life look perfect and glossy, but I mainly ignore those pressures. It is tough enough being a mother these days. I don’t want to add to anyone’s feelings of inadequacy. In fact, none of us should feel inadequate if we’re just doing our best. But that being said, I will sometimes share the better photos and not share the utter mess of my life, so I thought I would give you a fuller picture of cooking with children.

This morning, the boy helped me make blueberry pancakes. Dubz loves helping me in the kitchen and is full of enthusiasm, if a little short on skill. He is obsessed with adding the ingredients, mixing them up and even helping at the stove. This of course makes life a bit more stressful than if I was just doing it on my own. But I am sure it is quite beneficial in the long-run so we just get on with it. The pancakes weren’t difficult to make and tasted delicious (if you would like the recipe, you can find it and other family recipes on the Wren Kitchens’ free Little Kitchen Big Ideas e-cookbook).

Anyway, here are some photos to illustrate the reality versus the perception of blogging photos. Also, the reason that my daughter is not in the photos is that she was being stroppy and just wanted to read in her room and be by herself. Reality indeed!

Reality – Oops!

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