Personal Styling for the Pernickety Shopper

When I told Husband that I was going to see a personal shopper, his reply was ‘She has her work cut out for her’. I had no snappy comeback because, for once, he was right. I am such a pernickety shopper. With a six-year old and a two-year old, I don’t have time to go to shops and try things on. But I love a bit of retail therapy. So normally I buy things from the internet (on which I spend hours), and for every 20 items I buy, maybe one item gets to call my wardrobe home. This means that I waste a lot of time at the post office or doing Collect+.
As I need a new outfit for Britmums Live (which is in two weeks–woohoo), I thought I would try a new approach to clothes shopping. John Lewis offer a complimentary, one hour ‘express’ session of their Personal Styling Service to help find a particular/special outfit. They also offer a complimentary two-hour service if your wardrobe needs updating. I went to the John Lewis in Kingston on Sunday and was greeted by a amiable personal shopped named Alison. I told Alison what I was looking for, my dress and shoes sizes, and we discussed flattering colours. While I relaxed in the comfy styling suite enjoying some water and a magazine, Alison went to get me some possible outfits.
I am looking for a dress that looks nice with or without leggings. Something not too short that suits either trainers/sneakers or sandals. I need something that can be dressed up or down as I spend most of my time on Mummy Duty and don’t normally go out more than once or twice a month. One of my issues is that I gained three stone (42 pounds) when I was pregnant with Dubz. He is now two years old and those three stone stubbornly remain. My shape is different than what it used to be and I am still adjusting to dressing a big tummy.
I tried on about eight or nine tunic dresses and dresses, two pairs of shoes and a necklace. Alison introduced me to a couple of brands I had never heard of, including Mint Velvet. Unfortunately for me, Mint Velvet seems to be flying off the shelves and they didn’t have a lot of the type of dresses I like in my size, in the shop or online (I am wearing Mint Velvet in the last pic). In the end, I was torn by two tunic dresses. But I have decided to keep looking. There was no pressure to buy anything that day, which is the kind of service I have come to expect from John Lewis. I have since spent a couple more hours looking for the right outfit. After all, I still have two weeks.
Please note that I was not paid for this review. All opinions expressed are completely my own. I just really like shopping at John Lewis.
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20 thoughts on “Personal Styling for the Pernickety Shopper

  1. That’s fantastic. I think I might do this myself. I am horrible at styling myself. And I love the outfits you got. Can’t wait for BritMums. I am nervous on what to wear! Eeeek. It’s coming up so fast too! #triedtested

  2. A great service and you made some really nice choices. Hope you find what you are looking for soon.

  3. Mint Velvet do some fab leggins wtih a nice high waist which is perfect for a bit of a Mum tum (I should know – I’m wearing them now lol)
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested x

  4. Love that: pernickety shopper. Good luck finding your perfect outfit, I’ll look forward to seeing you in it at BritMumsLive! X

  5. This is such a great idea! I could definitely do with this kind of help too. It’s good to know that you didn’t feel pressured to buy as that’s what I would worry about!

  6. God I need this… I’m awful 😉 Although the only time I did have a PS experience, I picked the same dress as she picked for me anyway! lol x so all it proved was that I’m the best. Fact. :))) x See you at Britmums looking awesome my lovely :))) x

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