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A few weeks ago, Persil contacted me about their Kids Today Project campaign. Persil want to show that hands-on experiences are critical for a child’s development. Basically, kids learn from doing and not just watching. Persil have some ideas on fun activities that kids can do, inside and outside (here). They also want to emphasise that getting outside and getting dirty, with their family and friends, helps children in the long-run. I am a firm believer of outdoor fun. Even in the winter, we are at parks, playgrounds or running around the garden.

It is not just about getting outside. It is important for kids to have time away from the television, iPad and video games. Now that my daughter, Moozles, is six, I find that she wants to watch more and more television. And because my son is 23-months old, I don’t want him to think it is normal to have the television on all the time. She is encouraged to draw, write and make crafts. But I try not to tell her what to do. I may give her a few suggestions. Or I may just tell her to think about what we have, and then she needs to come up with an activity. It is important that kids have some control over how they play. And I think that parents shouldn’t be afraid of letting their children feel bored.

Persil sent a head-camera that Moozles would wear, so that you could see our day ‘through her eyes’. Moozles loved the camera and thought it was so ‘cool’. We were supposed to have a day out at the London Zoo, but a tummy bug during Easter weekend ruled that out. Persil uncovered ‘The Seven Wonders of Childhood’ after speaking to some 6-11 year olds. Kids are more interested in going on safari or visiting castles rather than the Great Wall of China or Machu Picchu.

So I took Moozles to our local playground instead. Unfortunately, the head-camera became my adversary during this process. We went to the playground three different times (hence the different outfits in the photos) but I could not get the damn thing to record. But Moozles had a great time, as she doesn’t normally get to go to the playground three times in four days. 

Please check out Persil for more information on the Kids Today Project, or you can join the Twitter convo using #kidstoday. I am linking up with Country Kids because Coombe Mill offers great inspiration for getting out and getting kids playing.


Although Persil sent me the camera to use for a couple of weeks for this project, I was not paid to blog about their Kids Today campaign.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

4 thoughts on “Playing at the Playground

  1. That looks like a cool camera! Like Go Pro only more colorful! When spring started my son started going out more and no more cbeebies for us lately. Before I know their program by heart. Now I dont even know whats happening on TV land. I love spring and I cant wait for summer =) #countrykids

  2. With the seasons changing and the weather improving it’s a perfect time for spending more time outdoors having fun. Child led play is the best and so important in a child’s development – less time at the screens and more time exploring the world around them. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. I think there is a greater struggle, for us city dwellers, as it can be a pain to go to parks and some people don’t have gardens. But it is so important, as you said, for kids to get to explore the world around them.

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