Real Relationships

Real Relationships

In a world of Instagram and Facebook bombarding you with perfect lives, do you ever feel like others have the perfect relationship that you want? Husbands bringing wives flowers for no reason. Wives showing no signs of a post-baby tummy wearing a slinky dress for a night out with hubby. But people show what they want to show. Not many women would show you the two pairs of spanx she has worn to flatten out her lumps and bumps. Not many men would take a photo of their dirty pants (underwear) that they have left on the floor.

And do you really need the truth behind someone else’s relationship to make yourself feel more satisfied with your own? The thing is, it doesn’t matter what others portray. It doesn’t matter what is the truth and what is a filtered view. Your own relationship is what matters. Focus on your partner, focus on your relationship. Too many times we concentrate on others, measuring ourselves negatively.

So I thought I would share the above photo. Husband and I at my best friend’s wedding. Looking happy, but shiny. We do not have a perfect relationship. We don’t go on glamourous dates (not often anyway). He leaves his pants on the floor by the bed. I am a control freak. We bicker about silly things. We argue about money. But this is our relationship. And it means more than anyone else’s idea of perfection.

I am linking up to Mum Turned Mom, where ‘Reality’ is this week’s topic of The Prompt. Why not pop on over to see more thoughts on reality.


7 thoughts on “Real Relationships

  1. Well written! In this day and age we are all obsessed with celebs and social media doesn’t help. That is one of the reason why I love the blogs I read because they keep it real. No one is perfect. 🙂

  2. You both look lovely in the photo. I know what you mean – I try not to talk about my relationship except for the better bits but I’m sure most people are the same in that respect – especially if your other half reads your blog!! 🙂 X #theprompt

  3. Absolutely! I think it’s natural to want to put your best face on, as it were, but hopefully most of us know that it’s spin. Having said that, honesty is what we all really look for, and comfort that we’re not alone in all this! Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt and I think that’s a lovely photo, you both look so happy x

  4. Very true, it can be transparent at times; that’s why I take no notice. We are our very own PR agents when it comes to Facebook.
    I think it is truly wonderful you feel this was about your husband and what a gorgeous couple you make. You look stunning!! #ThePrompt xx

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