RHS Garden Wisley And The Butterflies

Every year, my family and I visit RHS Wisley to see their annual butterfly exhibit. There is something so extraordinary about living in the UK but being able to see loads of exotic butterflies. It’s not an everyday occurrence, which is probably why it feels so special.

It’s one thing seeing a couple of butterflies out in the open. But at The Glasshouse at Wisley, you will find so many more. They have over 50 species of exotic butterflies. Some are flying around, some are resting leaves and trees, and some are munching on old fruit. You probably won’t spot more than 20 species, but it’s fun trying. You can get a butterfly spotting guide for £1, which is a big hit with the kids.

This was our fourth time visiting the butterflies, and it’s lovely seeing how my son has grown up at each visit. There’s even been a big difference since last year. After we saw the butterflies, we went for a wander around Wisley’s lovely grounds. We love the outdoors. And it’s always nice going out for a winter walk, especially when it’s not raining.

Wisley is one of those places where you could spend one hour or five. There is so much to see. I’ve been to Wisley more than 20 times and I can’t imagine getting bored of their wonderful grounds.

If you want to see the butterflies at Wisley, book your tickets online for a 10% discount. Tickets for a family of four (two adults and two children) costs £40.70 including Gift Aid. RHS Wisley members enter for free. Pre-book a time slot so you don’t have to wait in line. Happy  butterfly spotting!

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