Robot Racing with Anki Overdrive

Racing with Anki Overdrive

At the weekend, my family and I headed into central London for a Christmas party. The lovely people from Anki Overdrive wanted to share some Christmas frivolity with us. There was face/arm painting, yummy food, a DJ and a cool Santa. Best of all, there were several tracks where the little (and big) kids could race cars.

If you’re not familiar with Anki Overdrive, it a racing car system like no other. The cars are actually robots who use their artificial intelligence. And they are doing more than just racing. They are battling it out to become the winner. And you help them along through an app on your smartphone. It feels like a world away from the usual toy cars that children play.

I was half-expecting my daughter, who is eight,  to be a bit bored at this event. But she loved it. Although this product is aimed at children 8-14, I did not think that Moozles would enjoy it. She doesn’t really play with toys and spends most of her time reading. But she had so much fun with the Anki Overdrive. I know that she will be over the moon to find it under the Christmas tree. And I expect that we will be racing and battling on Christmas Day.

Racing with Anki Overdrive


We were invited to the party and will be supplied with an Anki starter kit for the purpose of this post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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2 thoughts on “Robot Racing with Anki Overdrive

  1. Ah we missed you! I came down to the event too – had a try at controlling the cars and it turns out I’m just as useless now as I was as a kid with my brother’s race cars *blushes*!

    Glad you all had a lovely time!

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