Seeing Mr Tumble in London

Mr Tumble in London

On Saturday afternoon, we woke Dubz up from his nap at 3pm and told him that we were off for a surprise. He had no idea what we had in store for him, as it was his first real surprise. After a long drive to Wembley Arena (made long by silly traffic near the arena), we had arrived. And we informed Dubz that we were to see Mr Tumble. I wish I could capture the look on his face. Surprise and curiosity could not quite explain the look he gave us.

But then Cat, Gem, Andy and Robert the Robot came onto the stage. And then, Justin Fletcher. Dubz bopped and clapped to the songs. Better still, Andy did a dance number with a dinosaur. Did you know that Dubz loves dinosaurs, and can rarely be seen without a dinosaur top on? And when they left the stage, Dubz asked for ‘more dino-roar’.

But the dinosaurs were forgotten as Dubz saw Aunt Polly and Mr Tumble live on stage. There were also some video footage of Chef Tumble, Grandad Tumble and Lord Tumble. When the Tumbles weren’t on stage, Dubz would ask for ‘more Mr Tumble’. Dubz would have preferred to see more of the Tumble family on stage, but I can see how tough that would be for Justin Fletcher. Still, we had a great afternoon. Dubz has been talking about the show loads and today we have been listening and dancing to Justin’s songs on Spotify.

I would definitely recommend getting tickets to see Mr Tumble’s Circus this week, if it’s playing near you. It was our first ever CBeebies Live show, and we’d love to go again. But next time we will get seats in the pit. There was a much better atmosphere down there (besides the obviously better view).

If you are seeing CBeebies Live at Wembley Arena, it’s much easier to take public transport. If you drive, then pay for the car park online (saves you ¬£4). Bring plenty of cash for foam lights¬†and food (we packed drinks and snacks but our children never stop eating).

Mr Tumble in London Mr Tumble in London Mr Tumble in London Mr Tumble in London


We were given family tickets for Cbeebies Live for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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